Black and Missing org amplifies cases that are ‘typically overlooked’

Natalie Wilson and Derrica Wilson joined forces 16 years ago to "help bring awareness to the missing individuals that are typically overlooked." The pair talks with #ElizabethSmart about their organization, "Black and Missing Foundation," which aims to provide an equal opportunity for all that are missing.


  1. I agree. It’s not right. It’s not fair. And no one does anything about it. The first few hours make all the difference in the outcome of the missing / abducted child. There is another issue that needs to be addressed when it comes to initiating The Amber Alert. There are several serious concerns and there should be a standard that needs to be placed in every case. Not just a black or white children. Media is to blame along with Law Enforcement..

  2. She’s not old enough nor was she even born at the time……… however the only other missing child case that got as much media attention as she did but it was well before her time, was the case of Etan Patz, out of New York.

    To my knowledge he never was found.

    On another note in reference to Elizabeth Smart I think that what she doesn’t quite understand although she does see the effects of it is the fact that number one she was born with a she came from a very well connected background and although her life and her time away from her family was very hard, very difficult, and full of emotional scars she will carry with her for the rest of her life……. the bottom line is she will always have the necessary help and access to counselors and treatment that the average missing and then found individual does not always have access to.

    I think that in that regard it’s allowing her to see things through a completely different lens.

    1. Adam Walsh (son of the guy who did America’s Most Wanted) was a big case. Then there’s also Jon Benet Ramsey. If you want to go waaaaaaaay back, then nothing beats the Lindbergh baby.

  3. makes me wonder how many people are going to start looking at amber alerts and missing kid announcements that are just going to pass over because the title doesn’t start with BLACK and missing.

  4. You did an outstanding job on Banfield the last couple days Elizabeth! Thanks for advocating for victims, for your insights and broad coverage. Your mind is as beautiful as your bravery. Much love to you. 🥰

  5. You’re amazing to have survived what you did and to be helping others. We need more people willing to help each other and fewer selfish folks. You are a great example.

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