COLD CASE(S): 8 Missing Underwater in Little Rock!…

Adventures With Purpose is back in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we dive into the depths to uncover clues in several long-standing missing persons cases. Our work is challenging, but each piece of evidence brings hope to families who have waited years, and sometimes decades for answers.

🎬.. Searching Little Rock
Day 1 This Video
COLD CASE(S): 8 Missing Underwater in Little Rock!…

Day 2 –
8 MISSING: Dive Team Finds 4 Cars Underwater During Search

Our first focus is on Cheryl Denise Catrell, who disappeared on October 10, 2002. Cheryl was last seen driving her 1985 Delta 88 Royale. We've scoured locations where she might have traveled, using advanced sonar technology to search underwater. This sonar equipment helps us see beneath the surface, revealing cars and other objects that could be linked to her disappearance.

While investigating, we’re also looking for Terissa Wallace and Shekina Bernett, two friends missing since 2014. Their case is tricky because it might involve foul play, which we usually don’t handle. However, we can’t ignore any clues while we’re here. We’re particularly interested in a white 2009 Toyota Tercel associated with them, especially since part of a leg bone, possibly Shekina’s, was found near a dam.

We also focused on the case of a private investigator’s mother who went missing in 1987. The details are vague, but she might be connected to a blue car. Our sonar scans have picked up several vehicles that match the general description, and we've dived on these to gather more information.

Our search extended to Brian Graves, last seen traveling to Little Rock to visit his children around Thanksgiving, a time of joy that sadly turned sorrowful for his family. We’re looking for his 2002 Mercury Sable, and our sonar work has identified potential spots where his car could have ended up.

Brian Morris's 2003 Ford F-150 is also on our radar. With every submerged vehicle we find, whether stolen or abandoned, we check if it could be the one connected to his disappearance. Although we often find unrelated cars, each dive gives us crucial practice and fine-tunes our search techniques.

Throughout our search in Little Rock, we've used three types of sonar: side-scan, down-imaging, and Live imaging, which allow us to map the underwater world in detail. These tools show us not just the shape of submerged objects, but their composition and exact location, so we can decide where to dive.

We've uncovered several vehicles during our search. Each car we find and dive on is checked thoroughly to see if it could be the one linked to our cases. This process is painstaking and sometimes heartbreaking, but it's vital. With each car we rule out, we move closer to the truth.

Join us as we continue to navigate through murky waters and tangled histories in hopes of bringing peace to families. This journey is tough, but with your support and our dedication, we're making progress every day. Let's keep pushing forward together, uncovering the secrets hidden beneath the waves.

Thank you from all of us here at Adventures With Purpose for watching, liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing.
Jared Leisek-Adventures With Purpose Founder

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  1. I love to see revisiting of old cases, it makes me feel like it’s truly a genuine action to search for them, not just to get another name off the list.

    1. They are definitely determined to find answers for the families when they go back to an area they’ve already searched. I love when there’s closure.

  2. Thank you Jared and thank your wife. It must take a real trooper to have you gone so much and her home supporting you. It’s a great work you’re doing and will be richly blessed so thank you both!!

  3. Thank you so much for returning to search for these lost loved ones❤ You are amazing. you’re your hard work, and time does not go unnoticed ❤ I have watched you from the beginning and am so happy that you created this movement. Your way of searching is unsurprised😊 Again, thank you, Jared 😊

  4. WOW unlike other diving groups, Jerad is very educational, precise and calculated. He always shares his intentions and thoughts when searching. Thank you Jared for your service 😊

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