High profile missing child cases endangered of going cold

There are similarities between the missing child cases of Summer Wells and Sebastian Rogers. Both have been missing for months with no confirmed sightings or leads, but no one is giving up.



  1. My hope is that the other, ‘unmentioned’ lead of the two Nick said they have has something to do with the Bowersox’s and Proudfoot’s involvement ! Chris and Katie made it seem that Terry A Bowersox Sr was a good ole grandpa who hooked Sebastian up with malt on ice cream, played cards and chess with him,,,but Granpa was so great he left less than a week after his grandson, step or not,went missing, Clear Across the Country ,onto Alaska and Puerto Rico, not appearing to be concerned nor grief stricken with grandson missing AT ALL but rather his wife ,his ‘lovey’ as he calls her,who said in comments “I just tagged along with my husband who has work out here”posting pics of them on the beach smiling ear to ear, which looks like they’re celebrating something ! The Bowersox’s could have used their status and money, they’re multimillionaires, to make public pleas and offer a substantial award , but noooo, not for Sebastian who talked about Chris abusing him and according to them Sebastian was a ped*phile so they weren’t going to let that ‘r*tarded idiot’ as Granpa referred to Sebastian as, no ‘Katie’s r*tard’ as Chris referred to Sebastian as ruin there chances of getting full custody of Faith or risk him ‘sa’-ing Faith like he was…Sebastian had mentality of a 10 year old in a 15 year old young man’s body, so no matter Chris telling Seth “if people knew what Sebastian did people wouldn’t search for him’, anybody in their right mind and heart would search for that young man with an immature innocent, who had no real understanding of appropriate or inappropriate behavior while his body was just reacting to natural urges of a young man who’s hormones were off the charts…they eliminated that young man because he was an obstacle in their way of their end goal, which is getting Faith. The summer visitation of Faith with Chris was already in place from custody agreement years ago, not recently approved by a judge ,but hopefully when going to court for full custody, as ,yes, they’re still going, that judge will deny Chris not just full custody but regular visitations ,or in the least only given some brief supervised visitation ,and that NOT be supervised by any family members like his mother, or any of Chris’s family but only court appointed ones…until or if Chris is cleared by law enforcement!

  2. We’ll never find Sunmer unless Candus tell us where she hide her or if someone js doing construction and dig her up. Regarding, Sebestian, there is still a chance for him to be found but I don’t think either if them are alive anymore.

  3. This is very good reporting sir. Please keep both these children in the news spin – especially Summer Wells don’t let her case go cold.

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