1. Kira Case (The Whole Thing) Vs Missing Children Incident (Games,Novels, And The Rory Kidnapping)

    If you didn’t see it properly.

  2. Huge W dude. I’ve actually thought about this exact thing and came to a similar conclusion. The reason I see Kira case winning is because the death note is super broken and sheer amount possible that can be used with it is insane. Anyway tho amazing edit keep up the great work.

    1. Kira Case should be a lot higher if we’re being honest.
      But there’s a reason why the MCI got the “less mistakes” point lmao, light just made too many mistakes.

    2. @@phoenixanimationz I one hundred percent agree. Like imagine if someone like johan or red John had that thing.They are never getting caught. But no an angsty teen got it. But all jokes aside light actually did pretty decent given his character and circumstances.

  3. Yo I was thinking about the same thing! Can you do the entire Afton case now? With the Glitchtrap stuff and everything and have Light try solve it?

    1. Impossible, only Afton surving the Springlooks would make it impossible as for 30 years he would disapper and unless you have knowledge about remnant you would never catch him, let alone Glichtrap

  4. World wide murder spree with supernatural weaponry, the best known detective of that respective world, and a genius pulling strings behind the scenes, Vs 5 kids and some dude going missing by a yellow rabbit costume.. hmm I wonder who is harder to solve 🤔

  5. Yo one question phoenix, Who’d win in 1v1 springtrap or matt cordell? and can you give some springtrap strength feats since
    it’s said matt cordell thrown a cop all the way to the other side of the police department and he pushes cars off the road with his bare hands and he also pushed a parked car 100 mph so what are some springtrap feats that match that

    some say mimic was able to easily rip endoskeleton parts too and legit killed an entire construction crew and a huge pile of endos within a few minutes but I’m pretty sure afton scales higher than the feats mimic has from what you told me but people still tend to forget that mimic’s arm was crushed by an elevator but people say elevators are strong asf but idk if that’s true since i know animatronics destroying caves surpasses that feat which I’m sure afton can do as well.

    And someone recently said to me that afton didnt fight the funtimes
    and he ran away from the twisted ones
    And that all they remember was him manipulating kids and getting pushed into fire

    So are they wrong since I wanna debunk them about everything they said which I know isn’t true just give some more feats if you can. thank you phoenix w editor

    also since this was like comp michael myers, theres a remake version of him who pushes like a car over the edge, some say he lifted it but he barely did, all he did was pushed it over the edge with somebody inside it i think. so can afton lift cars possibly and could you give some more feats of him? since I know he can destroy caves.

    And if you don’t mind how many mph in agility and speed is comp afton

    1. I don’t know who Matt is, but if that’s the only feats he has then Afton should be able to easily win.
      As the agony (noted that the agony is actually stronger than human Afton and Springtrap) was able to knee a detective named Larson so hard that he got sent flying through a wall.
      And the agony was holding back a forklift going at top speed.

      The difference between the mimic you’re hearing about is that those feats come from the novels, the game mimic is a bit different in that regard.

      Afton didn’t “fight” the funtimes true, he one shotted Funtime Freddy specifically in the fourth closet. Those people probably didn’t read the actual novel and just read the graphic novel which is way worse than the actual novel which has an added scene of mangle and Funtime Freddy trying to stop Afton from reaching that child, but he overpowered both of them and broke funtime Freddy’s jaw.
      Also Afton didn’t run away from the twisted ones, he was controlling them while he was running after Charlie.

      Even if we didn’t take the agony, game Afton should be similar to game mimic who was able to push a forklift into a wall with a single hand.

      It’s hard to say how fast Afton truly is because his main thing is that he upscales animatronics that can move at subsonic speeds as they blitz human perception quite easily.
      But if you want a number I personally calculated, if assuming that the Fazbear’s frights is the same as Chuck e cheese, then Afton being able to move around the place in a second can get him up to mach 10 or at least over 7k+ mph.

      That isn’t even mentioning the questionable feats which can get Afton anywhere from island level to multi continental level if we use the storm feat and the statement that remnant can boil all of the oceans, with a speed of faster than light if we take the statement that the mimic moved in a nanosecond literally.

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