Missing Person Cases From 2024 That Are STILL Unsolved…

In this day and age, it seems impossible for someone to go missing. From the fact that most of us own mobile phones that can pinpoint our location, to the widespread use of CCTV and even the advanced forensic techniques now utilised by investigators, it feels like, in theory, no one should be able to just up and disappear. But, unfortunately, despite all of that, people still vanish without a trace. Join us for today’s episode, as we explore three disturbing cases of people reported missing in 2024.

00:00 Introduction
01:09 Elijah Vue
09:21 Khasha Smith
13:07 Sebastian Rogers

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  1. Ive got a 3 year old son and the first case makes me murderously angry. These child abusers deserve absolutely no mercy whatsoever.

    1. I don’t understand how people can be awful to children, especially one that young. I don’t want kids but I always treat them well. Just tragic 🙁

  2. Another case where a woman lets a man that is not the child’s father discipline her child . Shame on any woman that allows that to happen.

    1. Discipline can involve lectures, lessons, grounding, etc. There are plenty of stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. who are trustworthy about disciplining children that are not their own. Teachers and school officials have this authority when the child is under their care.

      It is unfair to attempt to shame mothers across the board for the action or inaction of one mother.

      Children that young learn better through copying a good example than through discipline.

  3. Watching Elijah’s case, seeing his precious images, is breaking my heart.

    The cruelty inflicted on this little, little boy is unspeakable.

    1. Yes you just go missing for 2 months your employer do not even say you absconded, and your kids now cry because you are missing. I think Khesha was isolated by someone that is why the little contact with her family😢

  4. What do you wanna bet this “punishment” got out of hand and they hid the boy’s body where it hasn’t yet been found? That’s why they wanted the car tracked…

  5. That first case made me sick. That mother knew what she was doing. She purposely led that boy to his death. Second case – death threats?? Yeah, there’s gotta be something there??

  6. The first case will haunt me for some time. How can people treat any human being like this especially a child. Coward is not a strong enough word. I hope someone gets a hold of them in prison.

  7. First case and these poor excuses for humanity already have ticked me off. Why the hell does a 3 year old need to be “tough”? And making a child afraid of you doesn’t make you tough, it makes you a bully and a punk. Abandon him at a safe spot, surrender custody (hell they had family near), just about anything would have been better. When your mother calls you out and writes such a letter…you know you are low.

    1. Agreed the abuse was extensive and most likely the abuse was extreme that day and he passed away. That’s not to say it was accidental. But the boyfriend kept upping it so badly that it was too much

  8. Im very confused on the Khasha case and the very little details. Who did her 3 kids live with? Were they estranged? Khasha worked for a college and they didnt think to look into it when she stopped showing up for work? Her mom said she was her friend as well as her mom, but she found 2mos of no contact normal?! This case needs it’s own video with a LOT more details because what we just heard makes ZERO sense. Oml it’s infuriating

    1. I could be completely wrong with this, and forgive me if I am, but I got the sense from that case that drugs and/or alcohol were involved. If someone is struggling with addiction then it’s normal for them to be living somewhere else & having prolonged periods with no contact. I know Edinburgh & all the areas mentioned have serious problems

  9. The first case: Wow, don’t think I’ve ever heard the narrator editorialize before. This case is just that bad. No mystery what happened to that poor child.

  10. Elijah’s monster and her” boyfriend” need to give up the location of his remains, one act of kindness for this little boy so that he may rest in peace. He was only 3 years old for God’s sake. It’s insane that this monster gave her 3 year old son to another monster to be taught discipline, they need to be taught discipline and respect themselves in prison and see how they like it.

  11. The audacity of that infant to soil his diaper! Like seriously bro? When he goes to prison someone should punish him everytime he shits.

  12. Just a note that the photo you have up on your title photo of a Sebatian sighting was proven not to be him and the mother of that look-alike boy has asked people to please take that photo down bc he is a minor. There are other photos of Sebatian Rogers that you can use in place of that. Just letting you know so you don’t get an angry mom on your hands.

  13. The 2 adults in Elijah’s case are evil. He’s a child and the mother should have protected him. Instead, she gave him to that piece of sh!t to torture. Poor kid.

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