Three of the Weirdest Missing Persons Cases Ever | Anniversary Special

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We talk about some very out of the ordinary stuff on this channel. People who have gone missing in national parks, conspiracies about the end of the world, even bigfoot stories in various cultures. But every once in a while, things go beyond just being odd. Sometimes it's not even mysterious, like in the case of the Slenderman Stabbing, and attempted murder based off of a creepypasta. Or we can look at the Lost Colony of Roanoke, where an entire colony vanished, the descendants or graves of which have never been located. Finally, we'll take a look at the disappearance of Paul Fugate, which just gives "complicated" a whole new meaning. Welcome back to The Lore Lodge, and thank you for three wonderful years. Here's to many more.

Paul Fugate Video:
Slenderman Stabbings Video:
Roanoke Video:
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0:00 – Intro
2:32 – Three Years of Lore Lodge
9:11 – Disappearance of Paul Fugate
32:22 – Slenderman Stabbing
51:01 – Lost Colony of Roanoke
1:24:56 – Retrospection


    1. “City of Gold”…. actually… the INCA… the Inca had metal working skills and actually used gold extensively in their metal working. “El Dorado”…. was supposedly in Incan territory.

  1. Perfect to listen to while I try to repair vacuum cleaners at my job

    Edit: y’all got me cracking up w the replies 😂😭

  2. Oh yeah, no, i live in the city the slenderman attack happened in, and we straight up do not have anything youd typically think of as woods anywhere here. Waukesha is near the edge of the most developed area of wisconsin. The closest thing to woods in the city is pari park, which is still pretty small, and is on the opposite side of the meijer from where the attack happened. But the kids who grow up here have never seen any real woods, so they just call any big group of trees “the woods”. Even the adults do it – the neighborhood next to pari park calls itself “the woods” because its next to “the woods” (pari park)

    Actually, with this in mind, its insane that they thought going north would lead them to a forest at all, let alone one where they could meet slenderman. North is where downtown is, and then pewaukee, and then sussex. Its all city that way. The areas with all the trees are to the west and south. In fact, if theyd gone south, they wouldve immediately hit a big area of trees. Which i guess really speaks to how little these girls knew about the world around them
    (Edit: i did not realize they were specifically trying to get to nicolet state forest, which is somehow even more insane, given that nicolet state forest is literally as far away as you can get away from waukesha before you leave wisconsin altogether)

    1. Forgive my ignorance but if I’m understanding you properly, you’re saying that there isn’t any type of real forest out there in your town/area of Wisconsin..?! How is that even possible.
      That’s wild.

    2. @@bri0013 yeah, there used to be forests in this area, but its pretty much all been torn down and developed. Its all suburb now, it really is a city. In fact, its part of the milwaukee metropolitan area, so just imagine the suburbs of any major city and thats basically it. The closest thing to woods is some very specific parks surrounded by suburbs on all sides, like woodfield park

    3. How can you live in this area and not know that the whole Kettle Moraine is just to the west? Oh, wait. There’s also Minooka, which is very close to that neighborhood. There are woods in Waukesha County, and there’s definitely a lot of rural country just right around that area at route 59.

  3. This video made me realize that I’ve been watching you guys for most of your career and I didn’t even know it 🥺 Thank you for your dedication to truth and thorough, accurate research, and for keeping me company over the last few years 💚💚💚

  4. Beginning felt like I jumped 5 years in the future. I was like “who are these people?! Is the lore lodge more then 2/3 ppl?? When did everyone join?? A small network of podcasts?? ” Lol but then I started being smart and understanding.

  5. another thing the tall man episode did was it gave resolution to THE major trauma of JJ’s life, and tied that all together into a neat little bow. fantastic example of dovetailing.

    1. It’s rare in the later seasons but some of the writing on that show really is fantastic. Evolution has been a major improvement from seasons 14 and 15.

  6. Greetings from skibidi-Ohio and congrats on three years.

    It really do be creepy out here in the midwest woods tho. Sometimes I’m out with my dog and I’ll just FEEL something (like a combination between a chill and nausea) and Autumn starts acting weird and she nopes out and basically drags me to the door. It’s probably less cryptid and more coyote but still… creepy.

  7. The second case … her interviews were among the most disturbing things I have ever seen. That child was truly devoid of human feelings… she totally thought she was going home and got impatient with the officers bc they were not allowing her to do so. Zero remorse.

    1. Which one?

      Morgan is schizophrenic and detached, but clearly morose. She is logical but clearly unsettled. She isn’t obsessed with Slenderman but she is scared of him, as if he is real.

      Anissa just absolutely humble brags about Slenderman and Jeff the Killer and Creepy Mansion to the police interviewer, as if that woman is only there to listen to her cringey fan fiction and isn’t investigating a murder attempt.

      Peyton didn’t like creepypasta and found Anissa to be weird and cringey.

  8. Just remembered that in third grade I found out about the lost 14th colony of Roanoake island and I basically rallied a group of kids in my school into creating a mystery solving club where we were determined to find out what happened to the colony. Spoiler alert: we didn’t find out what happened to the colony.

    1. @@vickislominski7618 Thanks, haha. I’m glad this was actually a real historical thing and not just some weird story my teacher told us some time

  9. 12:39 hundreds of thousands of service record were lost forever when there was a major fire in 1973 in the St. Louis national personnel records center.

    1. I have the same sentiment after seeing the police interrogation footage. Anissa definitely knew it was fake. Morgan is deeply deeply mentally ill and could not distinguish what was reality and what was fiction. Anissa pushed the obsession onto Morgan and manipulated her into doing it because Morgan was so easily influencible.


    1. I got so excited, but just for posterity as well: happy three years yall; I might miss most livestreams but your episodes are so important to me and I’m so happy to get to see you guys grow and flourish and investigate <3

    2. I’ve known about Roanoke for as long as I can remember (my mom was a huge history fan), but even though I didn’t learn about it from Margaret Peterson Haddix’s books, she was also part of my childhood so I was also very excited to hear her mentioned!

  11. I wanna just say that homeboy having never heard of Roanoke is so weird to me becauseI learned about it in like, elementary school. Like I thought EVERYONE had heard about it. I think it actually started my interest in unexplained historical mysteries.

  12. I want you to know that I enable the og YouTube app on my phone and disable my ad blocker when I’m watching your channel on my TV.

    Never have I ever accepted ad breaks on YouTube in the the past 15 years, but I go out of my way to make an exception for you

  13. I only found your channel about 2 weeks ago (it was a Missing 411 episode that drew me in) and I have binged all your videos since. I love your attention to detail, In-depth history segments (that I find fascinating) and your objective overviews BUT most importantly, you are the ONLY YT channel that my husband (atheist, computer programmer and with autism) will happily listen to when I have your videos on (he DESPAIRED when I used to watch CANAM Missing 411 – It was my ‘guilty pleasure’ and I found it intriguing….my excuse). So, thank you for bringing shared joy to an ageing Scottish woman who is Christian and her detail-oriented husband, who RARELY find something we can both enjoy on YT❤🎉

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