4 family members, including infant, kidnapped from CA business, deputies say

Authorities say they are searching for four family members, including an 8-month-old child, who they say were kidnapped from a business in Central California. Full story:


  1. I’ll keep my eyes out for them in SoCal. You’d think two men could’ve overcome the one kidnapper. I hope family is ok.

    1. @kennedy nguyễn đình Tuấn could be they brought the beef from whatever country they immigrated here from I knew some Arab guys that killed each other over a beef their families had in the Old country they were from in the past. And it didn’t end there

    2. I think their dead sadly the suspect was Apprehended The family was not found he tried to commit suicide burned their truck the truck used to kidnap them and use their credit cards to pull out money suspect is currently in critical condition

    3. Well, almpst nobody is going to survive when getting kidnapped so better one of us than none of us getting out.

    1. It’s it’s absolutely probably nothing what you think. I’m guessing the husband is a piece of trash. It’s time for you to open your eyes on the reality of dirtbags.

  2. Something very odd about this kidnapping. It just doesn’t make much sense to me unless this family was very rich or this man had a vendetta against the family.

    1. @Ashley Rose “not saying this family was” (well actually… you are) then, “I bet this is what it is.” Hmm. Profile much?

    2. @Ashum S us is became one of the most dangerous country to live..I know my immigrant people wants to go back from us to their own countries..people are not feeling safe to live here

    3. @Kush Patel now it doesn’t but obviously It could have been a possibility before the outcome was known.

  3. Praying for this Kidnapped Family,
    a wife, husband, uncle and baby daughter.

    Praying that they will Be found Safe, and Quickly.

    1. I know, I am very sad right now, I just heard the news updates a short while ago, and I am very sad, angry about what happened to this family, My deepest and Sincere condolences to the victims Families of this terrible crime.
      This is a sad moment 😢

  4. Sending prayers for protection for all of their safe return. This is absolutely freightning and extremely disturbing my goodness 🙏🏾

  5. If you’re being kidnapped…Never go to a second location. Never.
    Rest in Peace Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.
    Gone but not forgotten.

    1. @HinaHina so true. The video is so painful to watch because they followed the kidnapper without putting up a fight. It’s very sad to watch

    2. @John Stalberg I live 40 minutes from that town and even closer to where they were found. It was all over the news here in California

  6. The lack of details really annoys me smh. Give more details like the exact business it happened at, the time it happened etc. Maybe with this additional information, others who may have been in the area when this occurred could able to provide information that will help get this family back home safely

    1. You commented on a video that was uploaded 4 hours beforehand and more than likely not long after the incident occurred when authorities were contacted about their disappearance.
      The guy in the video may not be involved at all, but he is currently a person of interest.
      I’m sure police are questioning those in the area where the abduction happened to try and get more leads, such as type of vehicle they were in, etc.. etc., etc.
      Releasing approximate time and location of said abduction is vital and I blame the broadcaster or police for not releasing it.
      I’m sure that information has been released since this aired.
      Just gotta dig for it.

    2. Sheriff mentions suspects and individuals but there’s one guy pictured in photos. Who are the other suspects? Are there no photos of these other individuals.

  7. Just as others have said, NEVER get to the second location. If they shoot atleast you tried to get away, never go without a fight for your life, because that is exactly what it is.

    1. Indeed. The answer, verbally or physically, should have been “We are not going.” There is zero upside to going to a second location.

    2. No, sorry. All bad information. I don’t know the circumstances here, but don’t force a fight when someone has a gun pointed at your kids. But time, fight when a gun ain’t trained on them.

    3. You are SOOO RIGHT, Sara !!! I PRAY, I would have enough courage to take a bullet, rather than go to the second spot… What a SAD ENDING 😢😢😢 to this crime… I’ve wondered WHHHY, did she not take her child and escape before he returned ??? WHY, was it threats to her before he left ? Probably, was ! A good lesson to be learned… If you have a chance ESCAPE !!! My heart is absolutely shattered for a AAALL those who have been affected… JESUS, PLEASE, COMFORT THEM !!! 😘❤😘

    1. @The Truth a The truth speaking the truth about someone speaking the truth about the truth. Bruh. You ain’t lying though and neither was he. And it does happen every where. I’m in Dallas, TX and it happens here too.

    2. No they re fine it’s all staged, they ran out of funds, so they figure they can extort money from there family in there country some of them are very rich, what s. disgusting is they use there children. 100 percent , this happened in an uncorrelated area at there business not there home that’s a red flag🙂

  8. I’m reminded about the horrible case of the McSTay Family. I hope this family is found and can get to safety .

  9. Never ever go into the vehicle or second location. I will fight to death before someone takes me, my husband, my baby, & my uncle. I hope this family gets found safe.

    1. @Arlene Susana Rivera you’re not fighting a big scary man that sneaks up on you with a gun let’s be real

    2. @Arlene Susana Rivera Husband could probably pass as the suspect, think it’s a cute bad boy right now, but may end up in same situations, years later will be telling everyone forever he cheated.

    3. The surveillance videos clearly show that the victims didn’t have a chance. Next time wait for more information to come out.

  10. So they don’t have any idea of the motive? They were taken from a business? Can this be some sort of ransom or maybe just random? This is disgusting, especially with the 8 month old baby smh 😥😡 everyone should be armed……… It’s sickening hearing about situations like, hopefully the sheriff/law enforcement and or some great civilization find them alive. 🙏

  11. I would NEVER let ANYONE kidnap me and my family.
    The second he came to me with that BS, I would take flight on him and body him.
    Never go in the car, never go in the trunk, never go ANYWHERE with them. The second location is your death trap /grave.
    Fight or run, but never surrender. Trust me!
    Be aware of your surroundings

  12. We get “stuff” like this happening ALL THE TIME in Canada. The “motive” is often overseas based and the FIGHT is also overseas: tribal and group behaviour, dowries, multiple marriages, cons, and rugs and money. Rivals can’t FIND the family member they are targeting, so go for the relatives. I KNEW the “clean” Jagpal brother who was the money man of the family. The drug gang couldnt’ find the two other brothers, so they went to the U. of Victoria where Bindy was in LAW school, and murdered HIM. No surprise. USA median and cops need to know that there’s a WHOLE OTHER WORLD out there, and they’re not in it.

  13. They are cousin’s of my friend who informed me about this he said he took them on gunpoint .And the car later was found abandoned and on fire.I pray they are still alive and well

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