48 people arrested for human trafficking in San Diego

Forty-eight people have been arrested for human trafficking in San Diego after allegedly selling 41 people for sex. MORE:


    1. @Makeuplife06 I suspect there is a reason that they are all trying to keep the border open. Off the top of my head, money is probably one of four reasons I can think of.

    1. @dave diamond Because having an adolescent child who can’t even make their own lunch make the decision of physically and chemically changing their body to the point that their growth is stunted and they can’t physically have children is a bad idea.

    2. @dave diamond not to mention the endless health problems they would be committing their bodies to for the rest of their lives.

  1. “Human trafficking does not require movement across the border.” Yet that’s where the vast majority of it comes from, especially in San Diego. Just because it does not require it does not mean it isn’t the main contributor.

    1. @Matt Foley The topic of this video are 48 people arrested for human trafficking… a civil rights issue that can be mitigated by closing the border that’s only a few miles away with countless victims that will never be heard from again.

    2. @An American Patriot Actually, the topic is keeping people safe and the hypocrisy of you MAGA Christian pro lifers. Nobody forced you to reply to me.

    3. @Matt Foley Another hard hitting comment from Foley. Your motto of “spouting ignorance when confronted with facts” is well earned. Let me know when you graduate from grade school… provided that you haven’t dropped out already.

    4. Probably illegals that you fools support to supply all the demotrash on Maxwell’s client list. All 3 parties have those p3do trash in it, but the democrats are the only ones that openly support it (M.A.P) as part of the alphabet community.🤮

  2. torture needs to be allowed for a few crimes. such as this.
    they should be forced to reveal ALL they know.
    unless the victims were being fairly paid and agreed that is. which i dont think that is how trafficking works.

    1. Sleepy Joe is looking more into making the U.S. dollar now cheap around the world. Debasing the dollar too much over a presidential years of office shows We need a new president who will tax by a weak currency a division Thomas Jefferson said a government should not do in 1776 or 1789 years with George Washington’s 1st presidency.

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