BridgeNorth: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2023

This February 22nd, help us end sex trafficking in Canada!

Donate to support our ongoing work with at risk and entrenched youth:

Please share this video with your networks and help raise awareness!

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  1. This is all so useless. Everyone only looks at the symptoms of Human Trafficking. The real problems are long before that. People are looking for a better life because of poverty or fear of their life at home. The majority of these people are going freely to their trafficker and only after they realise their misfortune….and for the most of them there is no going back. And for a land like Canada with their culture to oppress the natives…..
    As for youth…the abuse started long long before. Either with family members, foster parents….I remember an interview she was trafficked since she was 13 and abused by her father starting at 8 – 9. The biggest problem for young people are family members or persons with authority.

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