Humans against A.I. data exploitation – (full series re-upload)

This is a re-upload of all 6 parts of my lecture series together. Some of the information might be outdated by the time you are watching this.
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EU crowdfunder – Help protect our art and data from AI companies

US crowdfunder Protecting Artists from AI Technologies

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  1. Yes, it’s actually really simple. They should scrap the entire thing and build it up again, but ONLY with artwork that they have legal permission to use. Therefore, artists should get asked first and have the option to opt-in if they want to. But as it’s now, the damage it’s doing, can be pretty devastating. There even have been cases of people selling AI art in a style of a particular artist, basically committing identity theft.

    1. Why would anyone agree to that? And why would anyone actually want to purchase the product? Yea this is my $10m painting by an ai based on the art style of the famous artist virtuosyc

  2. i feel like all artist focus on technics and forget how to defend about thier art they are let them get away from this yesss they must take action

  3. I quite glad that you can see what this malicous tech will go it it were not the control to a certain degree.

    I seen writlters, 3d artist, coders, happily accepting it because they are can’t grasp that everyone in on the same boat. If illustrators are sinking, you’re pretty much next.

    1. We gotta thank illustrators for taking the full impact of this movement. By the time it reaches animation and film, we will hopefully have more robust legal precedents set.

  4. I’ll have to watch this fully bit by bit over this week.

    Also youtube did not bother to let me know about your other videos on this topic. So more videos for me to watch later.

    This is an important topic to talk about.

    1. Hey Caroline, it’s just this video. The other ones I uploaded are pieces of this same lecture. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out

    1. Sorry man. Important stuff is often not fun. Let me say what I need to say here and I will get back to the fun stuff soon

  5. I read a comment from a 67 year old illustrator who has been illustrating for over 50 years regarding the news for AI “Art”. He said in a paraphrase: “I have earned the right to not follow trends. Quoting from Leonardo Da Vinci – Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.”

  6. AI Imagine Action I think it’s a metaverse thing, what they’re preparing for. For example create your world of art etc. As I see, nobody buys VR, like you say everyone uses a smartphone, they are ramps of trends XD

  7. I know right I just hate when these 3D artist think that they’re so special the ones on TV when it comes to cartoons cartoons these days are so boring man I just like cartoons from back in the old days in the 19 thirties to early 2000s it was always original work being made and they did with all their hard work without no help sometimes they do with teammates and it gets done in original way of working without copy no one. These Disney, Pixar, Disney, cartoon network these days they think they’re so special they act like there doing their own cartoon work still but it now looks like it’s being done really perfectly without no mess ups to tell if they can improve with their own drawing skills in animations if their making cartoon. Shows and films this is why as a 2D Animatior that always Grew up in only watching old Skool Cartoons original work on Television i find cartoons today that are just not exciting like it used to be back in the old daisy days. And yes bro many people are going to find out that only 3D arts and cartoons in 3d version only are number one and their the best when 2d arts and hand drawn and handmade cartoons that were made decades ago and they were crazy and funny to watch and it was more exciting to watch as always and i always love it. A.I art and cartoon industries today even film colleges that are making 3D art and cartoons that is televised today they want to think that they’re the best cuz they already trashed on the ones that are doing amateur work and average level cartoon work and they’re getting more attention than us internet animators. so as us 2d animators it just hurts us a lot and it’s not fair at all when our work is not being pushed out there to the public to the General public to see what we’ve done with our work should be so you can be a little popular so people can see that we made something on our own, and it’s originally made on our own. Original arts, old Skool Cartoons, 2D hand drawn animations are the best because it’s was always original hard work being made by each individual person or with groups to come with their own story book. It’s just hurts us 2D Cartoonists that 3D cartoons and todays cartoons that are very boring to watch are the only ones getting lots of attention out there. It just hurts and frustrates me that stick figure animations, flash animations, 2D animations are dying out there an original Visual Arts & traditional hard work from cartoons are dying out there it’s very sad bro that our original work and excitement is being taken away by those that thinks that they’re the best in the world but they have boring work that we don’t even want to look at all. And these people that are copying others they have no skill it to make stuff on their own. We only want to look at ours and others that’s also a 2D Animatior with working on their original artwork because art like that when it’s originally made is more fun to look at and more fun to watch if it’s a cartoon film out there.🙍🏾‍♂️

  8. I watched the whole video and agree with the arguments, but I’m struggling to think about the solutions. Like, you can feed the AI with your own images. What should the platforms do? How can they filter every single piece to know if it was made by the person or not?
    I thought about making every dataset (even the custom ones) public so everyone can see, but if you’re only seeing the result of the art somewhere and you don’t even know if it’s made by AI, how would you even try to attempt see the dataset it was generated? Also, you can build your dataset in your own computer, so there could be people making one full of copyright images and the computer wouldn’t even be connected to the internet.

    I could even say that it’s something similar do tracing. People trace and there are several cases that they were spotted, but there may be way more that people don’t even realize.

    Not sure if there is a way to solve this, but at least your solutions are a good way to not make this going out of control.

  9. I don’t really care about A.I. generated art. I never even thought of art as a profession but just a thing I loved to do.
    So this conflict doesn’t matter much to me.
    I’d like to see artist actually prove they deserve the title and actually illustrate their views instead of just doing rant videos.
    I’m not targeting you with that comment you do some very good work that is highly original in that it isn’t meme art. But most artist on social media limit their creativity by just doing fan art. They were the slaves of algorithms and acting like bots. A.i. is just replacing them in showcasing derivative images.
    I haven’t been impressed by what I’ve seen artist doing on social media for years. Even here on YouTube there isn’t much originality in any of the content except the narrator channels.
    It’s all gamers, influencers, discount educators, and random cat videos.
    Now we have tik tok shorts showcasing people just doing dances while captions list of personal details.
    If something can capture my attention then I will praise it as good. Most A.I. gen images don’t and neither do the Wednesday Addam’s meme art.
    I’m just bored with all of it.

    1. As an artist who is in the process of creating an original world with unique characters and stories, here’s my two cents:
      Have you ever asked yourself who created the algorithm that people have to cater to, in order to be seen? I’ll give you a hint: they’re very much aligned with the same people creating these image synthesis models.

      My project is something I do outside of my job, and it’s largely unknown. Not because I don’t upload concept art or don’t promote my stuff occasionally, but because it’s not considered well-known or popular. And if it isn’t either of those things, the algorithms in place on most social media today won’t show it to people who may potentially become fans of my work.
      So, if I want to actually promote my original work, I pretty much *have* to first spend a lot of time getting picked up by the algorithm by doing stuff from franchises that people already know. Otherwise, I’ll have zero chance of actually promoting my original creations.
      I used to be semi-popular on DA for doing fanart of a particular franchise that I still really love, but the second I began creating my own original thing, people left. It wasn’t that my style of art shifted significantly, or that the general aesthetic themes I like changed. It was first and foremost because I wasn’t fuelling people’s hunger for fanart anymore.

      So, what am I to do? Get popular by doing fanart again and hope that people stick around? Or just do my own thing and hope that, somehow, the algorithm finally decided to pick up my work? Sadly, it feels mostly out of my hands to actively do much about it.

  10. Ai-gen ’bout to made everyone uber drivers bruv. :))) I feel like the future’s gonna be learning to train an .AI privately and sell them as characters/animation/environment addons that you could use. 🙂

  11. I hate to say this, but you will be left behind drowning in a pool of malcontent if don’t learn how to use AI and develop new skills that propel your work to the next level faster, better and cheaper. While AI may be exactly what you say, it makes no difference in the long run. You can either be the candle maker complaining about the light bulb or learn to use the light bulb to sell scented candles — Your choice.

  12. man you have explained it really nice and in-depth. This video is what people need to understand whats going on I hope this video will help atleast some people to understand whats going on behind the scenes.

  13. I was pretty much against AI art before watching the video, but a lot more in a passive way (mostly because I never really valued my art that highly). But, now that I am done watching it does give me a better understanding of what is actually happening and eliminates doubts regarding how it got this bad and even some arguments against it.

  14. The AI “artists” are miserable. They never went through the hardship of the years it takes to master art, they will never feel full ownership of their “art”,they will never be able to express themselves fully though their “art” so they feel the need to attack and bash the hardworking artists who put years into their skill because they are jealous and were not able to have the mental fortitude to go through the same amount of suffering an artist has but they obviously still have the will to create. But their creations will never be theirs and they know that deep down.

    1. I thought about AI and not just its ethical concern but the human experience aspects as well. How can one find fulfilment in art-making knowing that the end result will never be theirs? Merely the end result of aesthetic beauty is not everything and those who deny it hold the most shallow understanding of it.

  15. The argument saying that the massive copyright theft is just another “photography versus painting” issue is wrong on so many level.

    That’s not comparable. Not at all.
    3D scans, when the tech came out (and its modern NERf equivalent) vs. traditional 3D modeling, that is an actual “photography vs. painting” equivalency.

    Did anyone see 3D artists or the 3D industry get mad at the 3D scan tools or its users?
    We saw some hesitation, at worst even some reluctancy here and there… And that’s it. That was just another tool. People don’t usually get mad at tools for no reason.

    But that massive copyright infringement / data theft? It’s more like some locksmith decided to distribute the keys to any artist’s home, workshop or gallery.
    And now anyone can scrape absolutely everything in there. Then hand it out to anyone. Either for free or for profit because why not.
    Also some people telling the artists “Hey that’s just a tool, come in and have a good time!” – while the profits from the whole operation go to the locksmith’s pockets.

    1. certainly not. I couldn’t bear working on an Ipad. It’s a severely limited way of working if you’re trying to make a film

  16. These ai generator could honestly be used to help artists but these companies didn’t make the program to help out they made it for money. Artists can put their own art in and create new images to use to create new art ideas, like how the image mixed starry night and the wanderer. These things shouldn’t be sold off though unless the artist made the image and willingly mixed their pieces together as experiments. This can be used as a tool for artists but it’s used for profit, by people who either don’t want to learn how to draw and just want to get easy money.

    Also the whole Ai deep fake thing is disgusting, their making porn of people who aren’t interested in getting in that industry. Those deep fakes can be used to tarnish anybody’s reputation as long as they have a face and voice

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