Madalina Cojocari | 11 YR OLD NC GIRL MISSING! | Parents FAILED to report her missing for 3 weeks!

If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of Madalina Cojocari, please contact the the Cornelius Police Department at (704) 892-7773. You may also contact your local FBI office, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, or you can submit a tip online at

NEW RELEASE! A family member of Madalina Cojocari's was in the Madison County NC area between November 22nd and December 15th. Authorities are looking for firsthand witness information in regards to a Toyota Prius (pictures in link) or white female in the area of Madison County around those dates.


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  1. I knew you would cover this since you live in NC. I’m afraid this poor girl is not alive and I hope she’s found and laid to rest and justice is served.

  2. So thankful for the NC law that not reporting a missing child is a felony. If they don’t say what they did and she isn’t found, I hope there isn’t a cap on the sentence and the judge puts them both away for a very very long time

    1. @Danyellie Belly Thank God 🙏 Caylee hasn’t gotten justice and her mom is still profiting from her death 😢

    2. Her body will keep decomposing and they probably WonT be charged with murder and their sentences will be light. I AM SOO MAD BY THIS

    3. @user-uf5mu7xe9f  it isn’t answering a question under deposition or cross-examination and have Miranda rights when being questioned by police. Reporting your child missing is simply that, nothing more. BAU statistics show most violent crimes happen because of those closest to us. Start with the inner circle and move out clearing everyone along the way. It’s methodical method of investigation

    1. My child goes missing for 5 seconds and I’d be screaming my lungs out and beating doors down. These people are disgusting!

  3. Shared! The news on this broke immediately after the Athena Strand tragedy, and I was just heartbroken over that. It feels like one missing child case after another, these days. It’s terrifying. I pray they find her alive and well but, like you I have my doubts. Those parents definitely know more than they’re saying. Thank you for covering this.

    1. @Goldie Ruleidk how many amber alerts go off every week on my phone. I think people who harm children deserve immediate capital punishment. No excuses. There is no need to live amoung people capable of that evil. I feel like it was the step dad. Being brought up by a single mom….one of them hated me and abused me.

    2. @teelahwest I’m so sorry you went through this. Your comment tugged at my heart. I pray you are living an amazing life as an adult. You so deserve it. ♥

    3. It says in the Bible that it will be like this near the end. Mothers not caring for children ect. Idc if it’s my child or your child or anyone’s child- if I see something sus I will 100% stop and say something. We need more people willing to keep eyes open for those around them.

  4. as a Cornelius resident, thank you so much for using your platform to share the case. My mom was her art teacher for a few years in elementary school and says she was a super sweet girl.

    1. Sending lots of love to your community and to your mom. Art teachers make such a huge impact on children and I remember every art teacher I ever had – and I’m no artist! I know this little girl must’ve loved being in your mom’s class. Let us know if there are any direct links to help the police department or search teams in this case.

    2. How awesome to be an art teacher. I love art and come from a family of artists – mostly like me a hobbyist but, my 2 brothers were pros.
      I hope things turn out for your community. I would love to know the answer to this case. What happened to that sweet girl.

  5. I’m a fellow NC native & resident of the Charlotte area (Cabarrus County), this case has definitely been one that I’ve been keeping up on since day 1. The thing that really scares me is how many similarities this case has to the Zahra Baker case that happened 12 years ago, in Hickory, NC, just an hour drive from Cornelus. I hope and pray that this case has a better outcome than Zahra’s did, but the similarities between these cases so far has me fearing the worst

    1. @ogj13 did you look it up? It was all over the news and even internationally covered during that time, I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it, especially being that close. They were searching landfills and all over for her. The local news stations cut out a lot of their regular shows to cover the search for her even.

    2. Yes! It does have a lot of similarities to poor little Zahra’s case. Unfortunately… I don’t have a good feeling about this. She’s been missing since Nov 23rd. No sightings, no hearing from her. I fear she may be partially in the mountains, partially in Michigan. I hope that’s not true, that she’s alive and found… But hope and logic aren’t seeing eye to eye on this. 😔

    3. Same! Zahara’s case was the first thing I thought of when I started watching this. Also a Cab Co native. 🙂

    1. @Fishing tv  I was “wtf” too but I think that that person means they can’t get their head around how everyone else cares more about this little girl than her own mother does.

  6. The parents‘ behaviour is beyond suspicious, hard to stay positive in this case… Kudos to the law enforcement agencies involved in the search, they hardly have anything to go off of. Thank you Danelle for sharing this story, I hope it will help find her 🙏🏻

    1. Her mothers continued statements about not creating conflicts with her husband tells me he is abusive and more than likely has something to do with this. I cannot imagine waiting more than an hour to report my child missing. So glad those parents have been arrested. Despicable behavior for parents of a missing child.

  7. The only reason not to report your child missing is if you know why they are missing and are scared of the consequences. I hope they find her alive, but at this point I think finding her and laying her to rest is probably the most likely outcome.

    1. Other possibility is that they are constantly on drugs and they dont remember the last time they saw her. Either way, there is no excuse, and any scenario still leads them to being bad parents

  8. We all know how this is going to end. I just hope that her family that actually did love her is able to receive support from their community and the rest of the world once the truth comes to light. My heart breaks for this little girl, and the incredible person she was, and for all the things she never got to grow up to be.

    I hope she’s found soon. 🙁

  9. Thank you for covering her case. It has been heartbreaking to see all of this unfold just down the street, a few blocks away. The community has been hoping and praying that she is safe.

    Edit: Also, the whole “apartment” thing is definitely just not true. The houses in Victoria Bay all have essentially the same layout, and the kitchens are not particularly spacious. These parents are disgusting.

  10. Nothing screams “I’m guilty” more than NOT reporting your child missing as soon as you realize they are missing!

    1. @J4K GANG because we are not a 3rd world country. We cannot just hold them over a fire or slowly pull them apart, this isn’t the Stone Age. What would you suggest to get them talking?

    2. @Udone Nomee And even if we could, there’s no sure fire way to know that they would actually say anything. Some people are fucked in the head enough to take it to the grave.

  11. This gives me Casey Anthony vibes. Not reporting a child missing for several weeks is unfathomable. My mom once lost my younger brother in a grocery store for a few minutes (because he ran off) and she was frantic. The parents’ behavior is beyond suspicious and disturbing. I pray she is okay, but sadly having consumed a lot of true crime content I have a feeling I know what happened in this case…

    1. Agreed 💯 right away also for me, and it’s also amazing how it doesn’t receive half the coverage …

    2. i have two sons and while i was helping one get dressed after soccer practice, the other three-year-old just ran away unnoticed. I looked for him for 10 minutes and asked other people if they had seen him. he then came back and asked the trainer where his mum was.

  12. I remember when my daughter was 3, she went missing within the clothes racks at TJ Maxx & I freaked out, almost threw up, peed my pants etc; you get the idea. The fact they didn’t report it, esp her ‘mother’. Shameful. Absolutely shameful

  13. “Did you hide her?” She’s a child, not a phone charger! I’m dreading the worst, not reporting for three weeks is such a red flag. Her mother and stepfather know something and they’re just not saying it.

  14. If the school hadn’t been so vigilant she may never have been reported missing. That’s so scary and breaks my heart. I’m so relieved that there are people out there who noticed Madalina missing and who are out looking for her.

  15. Considering the stepfather’s huge road trip the same day she went missing, she could be almost anywhere. I hope they find her. I hate cases like this

  16. My sister was reported missing in 1991 and we’ve never heard anything since. 31 years with nothing but heartbreak. Thanks for telling this story!❤

    1. I can’t even imagine. I wanted to mention to you that there are a few true crime creators on YouTube who are now covering viewer submissions- Sherrilyn Dale being the main one. Perhaps you could get some light shed upon your sister’s case by reaching out, if you wanted.
      I hope you get answers, sending my love. 💜

  17. As a moldovan, thank you so much for shedding light on this case. It is all over the news here and we don’t want to think the worst but we can’t help it. I never thought I would see a case involving our co-citizens here but I’m glad you covered it and spread the world.

  18. I Didn’t know that there was a law like that ( we should have this too, in Germany). Sadly, this wouldn’t be the first time a creep searches for a woman with children abroad and bring them back to take advantage of the child. The fact, that he is the only one seen with his stepdaughter by anyone speaks facts. Not to say the mom is innocent, but there could be a reason why she felt she couldn’t report her.

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