Missing child found after nearly 3 years l WNT

Police say they found 6-year-old Paislee Shultis hidden in a house in Saugerties, New York. Paislee was abducted by her biological parents who did not have custody, according to police.




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  1. God answers prayer. I prayed many times last week for any abused or kidnapped child or person to be found unharmed (Alive). Thank you, Jesus! What an air of good news. 🙏❤💝🙌

    1. @hudsonGT500 Probably because they’re stupid like certain commenters on YT who somehow don’t realize that corona wasn’t around when was missing two years ago.

    2. @Zach Dugan Not when they’re the kind of people that force their child to hide in a damp, cramped place under the stairs like an animal.

  2. Hallelujah thank the Lord above this little girl is alive and safe!
    God is good
    Thank you to the officer for going with his gut.

    1. God is so great, he made her first 6 years of life, the most formative years of her life, a living nightmare.
      Either you believe God has all control and power or you don’t.
      Good thing there are rainbow so that God doesn’t forget and genocide us all…again.

    2. @Bob Hope _God_ didn’t do anything of the sort. _Man_ harms man.
      As for the rainbow, that’s a covenant. God’s promise to not flood the earth again. What you think about it is irrelevant, as you are not God and you do not know better than God. If a society used it’s lives to continually harm each other, letting them do so doesn’t sound very humane.

    3. @I am who You say I am You’re right, God didn’t do anything. So do you still believe God is in control, and God is all powerful and God is all Good?
      But he did nothing?
      That’s pretty damning, right?

  3. I hope this young girl gets the help she needs. I couldn’t imagine going through that as a kid. Truly sickening. What is wrong with people???

    1. @catzndolz the fosters get a STIPEND to help raise the kid, feed, medical expenses, therapy, etc, you talk like they’re LOTTERY WINNERS!

    2. @catzndolz “Legally kidnapping”… in other words you gave birth with meth in your system, fought with baby daddy or threw your kid into the wall and you’re mad that someone cared more about the kids than you do.

  4. I have NO judgement against these parents, without knowing more details about the condition of the girl and why they lost custody in the 1st place.. I’m just glad she is okay.

    1. @R44BB She was HIDDEN there from law enforcement along with her mother, you genius! She didn’t live under there.

    2. @R44BB use some logic dumbass, no one said she lived there for 2 years, shes just hidden there when the police came.

    3. You have no judgement against people who forced a six year old to hide in a damp, smelly place under the stairs, probably with mold and mildew?

  5. So glad she was found safe and alive. Poor little girl. Hope she gets therapy soon to help her heal this trauma. Mean old parents and people in that house!how can they do that?! I’m always shocked at what people are able / willing / actually do! She may never fully recover. Hugs and love to her.

    1. Sorry but Id hide mine too. CPS is the devil. Friend of mine lost her kid temporarily because a lady got mad at her over her dogs barking and claimed she abused her kids. She got them back though but dont think she wouldnt have left with nothing but the clothes on her back and kids on the hip. This lil girl was found safe and healthy.

  6. Good to hear a missing child has been found and in good health .
    Would like to more of the back story of the parents and why they did not have custody.

    1. @Able Bodied If you work in child protection, you’d know the goal is always reunification unless it was a heinous crime. And there’s many opportunities given for parents to regain custody, like following the parenting plan. These parents haven’t regained either of their kids for three years, and now this. Clearly they’re not stable parents.

    2. @I what rock have you been under? Clearly I wasn’t at the trial. I have no idea whether it was a fair trial. I have a criminal justice degree. Many trials are not fair or just. I personally know VERY good parents (2) that had their children stolen away from them and adopted by sterile women, whom are the.
      “CASA volunteers” They are childless and sterile women that give false reports so that the parents will be terminated and given to then to the CASA sterile women. Reunification is a joke, less then 10% are reunified . Many over THC, POT in their urine which remains in the body up to 6-8 weeks. So those drug test are a joke, no time for it to leave the body even if they stop. Some judges wont allow levels to be seen from lab reports,indicating a reductionist of the level of THC as each week goes by.
      Losing a child over POT smoking which is now legal in most state? Dirty not unsanitary homes can get a mom terminated too. Those sterile couples donate to the CASA program$$$$ and volunteer (to take the children home).
      Of course each state is different.
      You know, I know all about.this. much better than you. I assist poor single moms and other poor parents in court, since the court appointed lawyers DO NOTHING, TO DEFEND THE PARENTS.
      You are not interested in the facts or those precious children.
      I am so so glad I dont know people like you.
      Family should stay together, ALWAYS, in most cases. Now, YOU could lose a child over not being VAXXED.(not really a vax)
      I love how much those parents love their daughters, and did not abuse that chikd. I know in the state of Louisiana where i live, if they took one of my 4 sons, i would kidnap them back if possible too.
      That family looked great.
      If course i don’t KNOW THE FACTS.
      But I KNOW those parents loved their daughter.
      May God bless and keep safe that FAMILY so they may be one day be together again, when she is an adult and the parents are free from jail for kidnapping their own child..
      They willl be terminated from her, now.
      ARE YOU A CASA VOLUNTEER? REUNIFICATION? Anything is possible with God. Praying that family to be TOGETHER again. THAT”S LOVE! 🙏❤ ✝️

    3. @I Would NEVER work in child protection. I work for free for parents like those.as their Legal Advisor………and I am a nurse with a criminal justice degree. I demand visits, and all the rights of the parents.
      I know what I should not know.
      May God give them all what they deserve.

  7. I’m guessing the parents just had her hide in that area when people came snooping around. No child is going to be in “good health” after 2 years of living in that single space. I think people are misinterpreting the video. My guess is the parents/grandfather were simply hiding her…kind of like that movie gone girl where the little girl is stolen from her family to give her a better life.

    1. Yes exactly the mother was found in the space with her…the new it’s making it sound much worse for some reason

  8. There is a scary number of comments implying that people think this child was kept under this stairwell all the time, despite her being in good health. Its pretty obvious she was hiding, most likely by instruction of her parents. Strange that theres no mention of why the bios were not allowed custody.

    1. @Sheila Rogge We donot know how often or how many times she had to hideout in there though. It is apparent from reports that she was not kept there for 2 years constantly due to the fact she was in good health. If a child is kept somewhere constantly like that, they would be in horrible health.

    2. @G@n@21It is still very dirty and seems unhygienic. Imagine you had to hide your child for some legitimate reason, would you not try to keep the hiding place clean and as nice as possible?

  9. The parents, quite possibly wrongly accused by child protective services, chose to keep their daughter rather than give her up to strangers for adoption. Any parents here that might choose to do the same? She wasn’t living under the stairs obviously, but just hid there when people came to take her away from her parents. But telling a twisted half-story is always more interesting to readers.

    1. That really isn’t the way it works. To lose custody there has to be serious issues with the parents. Almost always courts give custody back to biological parents especially when they’re together. I’m sure more stuff will come out but there must have been some serious abuse issues for the parents to lose custody in the first place.

  10. Man they made it sound like some stranger abducted her… It was her own parents and she was in good health.. Lets not make this a case sounding like child abuse. Find the real missing children.

  11. This thing with this is – it was the biological parents who had her and she was found safe, healthy and alive. The little cubby hole under the stairs was their hiding place – it is not where the girl was kept except for when the police came looking. The news makes it sound like she was stuck there for 2 years – but that she was found healthy, safe and alive says all you need to know. If this was nefarious, she would not have been found healthy, safe, and most likely, not alive. Now – a word about CPS – most of the time they do their due diligence, but just sometimes you get a person, perhaps new to the job, who is overzealous and under-educated, and, as a reporter, I know that too many children were ripped away from good, albeit poor homes, and placed in foster care where they were sexually abused and, perhaps, even trafficked. The US has over 60,000 missing children who had been taken away by Child Protective Agencies and placed in foster care – and no one is held accountable for their disappearance and no investigations are being conducted. Perhaps little Paisley’s parents were caught smoking weed – I really don’t know – but how many “elites’ do cocaine, how many fashion icons are addicted to heroin – ditto those in the music and film industries – but they get to keep their kids. I would do some research before I jump to condemn the parents of this child who obviously loved her – something is not quite right and i don’t think it is entirely the fault of the parents. One more note – a mother was nursing her new infant back in 1990 when nursing was not considered “normal” by the “new society,” and CPS took the baby and placed her in foster care, because they thought that a mother allowing her infant to suck on her breasts was “sexual deviance” and “sexual abuse,” – the actual words used to justify this malfeasance. Two years later, with the help of the La Leche League her child was finally returned, with no apologies – but mom and child had lost that critical bonding period, and mom never got to see her daughter’s first steps or hear her first word. So – hold back condemnation until you know the whole story. That’s all.

    1. Yeah, I heard about this case on a crime channel And I’m not convinced she was in any danger from her parents. In fact, the system is often taking children it should leave alone and leaving children it should rescue. Absolutely broken system

  12. I can’t believe that none of the reports tell us WHY she was taken from her parents in the first place. That’s important information don’t you think ABC?

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