Nevada Child Seekers The Big Search 2023 with returning guest 2apatriotmama

Nevada Child Seekers' mission is to advocate for and engage in prevention, identification, and location efforts on behalf of missing and exploited children.

You can find more about them here and sign up to get involved. They've been doing the Big Search events on going for 4 years right before the Super Bowl when trafficking is at an all time high in an effort to find missing and exploited children before they fall into the wrong hands


  1. Been going thru some health stuff. Sorry i missed the live! It was amazing and im so proud of both of you! LYFs 🥰🤘🇺🇲

  2. I have been fallowing u ship for well over 1yr. Maybe even 2 I no it was soon as I found you😘.. I fallowed one that u spoke of,but it fell off. You r doing Amazing n sometimes even though not fair when people get Jealous or have nothing going on they resort to ignorance. I know u know that ,but just keep it in mind when they do this stuff n don’t get down. Your doing great things and patriot mama as well. You guys keep being you n doing what your doing because those that pay attention will c exactly what is going on….The show was soo good!! LYF❤

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