NFL Player Says Runaway Railway is Not for Kids, $69 Flights Between Disneyland & Walt Disney World

0:00 Opening
0:21 Mickey’s Toontown Reopening Delayed at Disneyland
1:25 New Mickey’s Toontown Cast Member Mix-and-Match Costumes
3:32 Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes Rides Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland
5:04 Imagineers Add Marc Davis’ ‘Bat in a Birdcage’ Gag to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion Following Refurbishment
9:00 Tilly Dressed for 100 Years of Wonder at Main Street Cinema in Disneyland
9:28 Moon Girl Meet-and-Greet Debuts at Disney California Adventure
11:11 ‘World of Color – ONE’ Finale Changed Due to Guest Confusion at Disney California Adventure
12:25 New Pavement Laid Outside Downtown Disney District Monorail Station
13:15 New Second Edition Uh-Oa Souvenir Tiki Bowl Arrives at Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar
14:35 New Breeze Airways Offers $69 Non-Stop Flights between Walt Disney World and Disneyland
16:06 Sign-off

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    1. Tom, good job burying the truth… Mahomes only rode one ride because he was immediately forced to follow the NFL’s Concussion Protocol!!! The Chiefs are planning a lawsuit! I wouldn’t expect Disneyland to be open much longer. Cedar Fair is already planning on what they can tear down so they can put in a coaster that somehow breaks 18 different records.

      That said, that clip you showed, you really can see how much this ride jerks people around. They look like bobbleheads in there. I could see a parent being scared if they put a small child on the outside so they could see. It looks like a “Children in the Middle” type of ride.

    2. Patrick was referencing his family – getting sacked by another NFL play does not factor into this. I think for the first time ever, Tom missed the point of a valid concern from a parent’s perspective.

  1. He had two young Children and when it bounced they had to hold their kids tight. He probably thought the ride would be calm.

  2. Runaway railway was jerky, too fast, I couldn’t see around me to look at anything enough before we were thrown around to the next room. I was so disappointed because just a bit slower, a bit gentler and it would be a great ride. I’ll not go on it again- and it was the Walt Disney version

  3. We were seriously concerned the first time we went on because we had our baby with us and did not expect it to be like that. We would have at least liked a heads up since we had a tiny kiddo you had to hold the entire time. Now we know but wouldn’t want a kid to get hurt because the parents weren’t given a heads up ahead of time. We even asked if it was safe for a little one and they said oh yeah but there was fear in our eyes on our first ride. Not much for littles at Hollywood Studios so wanted to do a family ride. Fine, just a little more than we bargained for.

  4. Love Marc Davis’ bat! He’s my favorite classic Imagineer and Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride ever. I was six when I first rode it. My mom was worried I would be scared, but my dad knew better and we rode it three times on my first visit to Disneyland.

  5. Parents have a tendency to be fearful of everything, so I pulled up a POV of the ride to see.

    Okay, yeah, some of that might scare a child or toddler!

  6. Tom’s absolutely right about Marc Davis. Marc’s ideas influenced the parks as we know them today. Prior to that it was a bunch of charming dark rides and basic transportation things ( boats, trains, old timey cars ) but once Marc redid the Jungle Cruise, he got the ball rolling. I wouldn’t mind some of his old ideas being dusted off and used more often. Every now and then the Jungle Cruise gets some of his old ideas infused and it always feels warm and welcomed.

  7. I think the whole of Disney parks are lost on pre-schoolers, especially toddlers. They probably won’t remember it clearly, it’s chaotic, they might have a grasp of Mickey but everything else will be strange, they can’t communicate well, get tired easily, and they can’t go on most of the rides. My parents took me when I was 6 and that’s better. I’d seen all the movies, knew all the characters and had my favourites, could communicate when I was tired or hungry.

  8. Of topic but I’m going to Disney world in April and I was expecting a really difficult time getting dining reservations but actually it was really easy to get everything I wanted… I even passed on a dinner reservation at cinderella’s royal table. Is Disney finally slowing down?

  9. I recently rode the Disneyland version of Mickey and Minnie’s, and I can safely say those trains whip around a lot more than it’s Florida counterpart.
    My friend and I had a lucky chance to have an entire row to ourselves and unfortunately I had the luck of being thrown almost to the floor of the ride vehicle, under the lap bar. I thought it was more funny myself, however I can see where the concern comes from. Perhaps it is not as much of a concern with a full ride vehicle, however given the vehicle’s benches are long to seat multiple guests, there is a concerning amount of room you can slide across when the ride gets a bit whippy.

  10. I was surprised when I first rode Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad. Southwest is definitely not reliable lost luggage has not been found and despite submitting documentation of missing items I have not received a refund or communication regarding my claim.

  11. Runaway railway is ruff I almost fell out the ride and got ran over also the bat with the red eyes and bones is to scary they need to remove it. The haunted mansion Disney community is very upset that they added it in. And as president of the haunted mansion Disney community we are also mad at the one eyed cat 🐈 but then we talked it over and we like that the cat is back now so that’s fine.

  12. I agree. The Runaway Railroad is a little intense in spots. My toddlers did good but they didn’t love those whole ride.

  13. Mickeys toontown looks SO MUCH like Dr Suess land at Universal!!! Same vibe. The colors. The costumes. The puffy Mickey house

  14. We went on the Runaway Railway about a week ago. The queue is fantastic! And all of the visuals in the ride were also fantastic. I think it is a bit rougher than in needs to be to be able to really appreciate all of those amazing visuals. MTC

  15. I think Mahomes was speaking for his FAMILY that he was attempting to spend time with on a ride, something that Disney seems to have forgotten about with all the new Six Flags and Universal style rides they have been creating lately.

  16. Tom thank you so much for sharing the Marc Davis addition to the haunted mansion. This kind of stuff is really neat to see them bring to life so many years later. That’s so magical!

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