1. I just love this sheriff. I wish there were more like him. On another note, I’ve tried to comment in live chat a couple times, but usually miss them. I was watching a live you did about a month ago. You were talking about donut guy. I went back and watched him and the guy right after him. I made a video of what I saw, but I’m nobody🤣 Please take a look. It is probably nothing, but their interaction was extremely sus to me.

  2. So glad you nentioned the “suit” ..as soon as you told us that was happening I zoomed 50. Bucks to you but then I kept wondering what happened ? I can’t stand lawyers (except for The Lawyer You Know) .
    You weren’t showing their stuff as yours, you said it was from JBs station.. crazy!!
    Yeah for Grady Judd he’s amazing which is terrific since I had no idea there was so much human trafficking in Florida!!!! I think of Florida as the sun and beach state with many retirees too!! Look up what happened years ago in Woburn MA. Few years later..tons of cancer!! EDIT..Sorry Ohio 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Catching this on the replay. I love the way the sheriff delivers these messages. He’s very passionate about his job and I’m here for it! Thank you for all you do Jay. Loves ❤

  4. Thank you for covering this Jay! Human trafficking needs to be covered more! It’s a serious problem! Thank you for all you do Jay! We love you!

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