Republican Rep Argues Child Abuse Deaths Benefit Society

Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman of Alaska ignited a firestorm of criticism when he tried to quantify the economic benefits from the death of abused children. Rashad Richey and Dr. Jonathan Metzl discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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"JUNEAU – Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman sparked outrage online after asking whether there could be economic benefits from the death of abused children.

Eastman asked a series of questions during a Monday House Judiciary Committee hearing on adverse childhood experiences — such as physical and sexual abuse on children or growing up in a household marred by domestic violence — and how they can negatively affect a person throughout their lives."


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  1. Dr. Richey, you can educate this man, but you can’t invest him with humanity. Sad. Thanks for putting this in the spotlight.

  2. Wow. I’m speechless. I guess I could say. If that guy has kids. Someone needs to call cps ASAP. Don’t let him near any children.

  3. GOP fight to end abortion, but can care less for a child’s well-being after they are born. Wow, isn’t he compassionate!?

  4. I thought everyone knew that the pro-life crew stops caring once the kid is born, they are never for free school lunches, best healthcare, and etc .

  5. Doc’s right, we don’t ELECT _Bean Counters,_ the people we elect HIRE them to ensure they do their jobs properly. They are supposed to INTERPRET the findings of ‘said bean counters’ to the BETTERMEANT of their constituents and overall society by making laws that IMPROVE the well-being of the citizens of this country!

  6. No one sane would say this. Politics attracks sociopaths and narcissists and both parties have them. This is inexcusable, regardless of political affiliation.

  7. Aren’t these ppl the same ones that say a woman’s body is not hers and have to carry baby regardless of circumstances WTF

  8. Not a single person even flinched in that room… They were all just lounging and casually talking about how they can save money instead of abused children.
    That’s america

  9. America’s two biggest problems are the values we are most proud of: Individualism and Competition. They turn us into uncaring assholes. The rest of the world works together, supports each other, and is rapidly passing us by.

  10. He’s “talking dollars,”???? that you and I pay???? This guy needs to be investigated to the fullest. If he “thinks” like this…….imagine what he does. He’s probably the one doing it and trying to push a narrative that could save him later🤔

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