Training Program for Support Persons: Ensuring Child-Friendly Environment and Psychosocial Support

In this video, we cover the media coverage of a training program organized by the Aasra Foundation Jaipur and Center for Child Protection, in association with the District Legal Services Authority Jaipur Metropolitan I and II. The program aimed to equip support persons with the knowledge and skills needed to provide a child-friendly environment for children who are victims of child labor and child trafficking, as well as to provide mental and psychosocial support to these children.

In this program, experts from various fields shared their knowledge and expertise with the support persons. They were briefed about legal proceedings, medicolegal processes, and ways to communicate with children through street plays. The program also emphasized the importance of reporting to strengthen child protection measures.

The video features guests who graced the occasion, including Ashka Rao, Secretary of Legal Services Authority Jaipur metropolitan I, Vikram Singh Bhati, Secretary of Jaipur metropolitan II, and Samarendra Singh, Secretary of Jaipur District. The video also includes interviews with various experts and participants of the program.

Join us as we cover this important event and shed light on the efforts being made to protect vulnerable children. Don't forget to use the following hashtags to join the conversation: #ChildProtection #TrainingProgram #ChildFriendlyEnvironment #PsychosocialSupport #Reporting #ChildLabor #ChildTrafficking #AasraFoundation #CenterForChildProtection #LegalServicesAuthority #JaipurDistrict #ChildWelfareCommittee #MedicolegalProcess #StreetPlays #MindAndMore #Pratinava

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