Videos showing sexual exploitation of Somali women shared online

We have been investigating the sexual exploitation of Somali women, who've been filmed while being assaulted and then blackmailed and shamed online.

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He's uncovered a shocking practice where abuse videos are shared and even sold – and victims' lives are destroyed.

Some of the recordings end up on private message groups with tens of thousands of members.

This is the story of three women who became victims of this monetised abuse.

Warning – their testimony is distressing and contains descriptions of sexual assault.

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    1. This guy looks for small incidents to marginalize the Somali society.
      He gets by Chanel 4 and NGO to promote false narratives.

    2. @Dr Garad they are not implying all somali men are like that but that some are and there is no justice for the women who had been raped. Since you seem to know about this issue, you should be able to point out if at least one man has been tried for rape. At least, the journalist is presenting evidence that three hasn’t been.🤔

    3. @Teresa Naranjo that is not how the world works dear. When you say a thing about a society, your whole perception changes, and that is exactly what he wants.

      This guy is trying to portray a bad image on Somalis so he could get paid.
      This is the third time he is reporting such an issue with minor tweaks and second time he is doing this report on Nairobi since it was last week when he got entry refusal in Somalia.
      Maybe you’re not a Somali, you don’t understand the full story of this guy!

    1. @david z3,
      @Teresa Naranjo, I believe, meant:
      you don’t know how men treat women behind closed doors everywhere.*

      The reason you don’t possess this invaluable knowledge is the fact today’s men and boys don’t ask womxn and girls what their lives are *really like,* because *they don’t care* what womxn and girls *suffer and are threatened or pressured or expected to compromise on and (begrudgingly or graciously) accept, are fed-up with, tolerate, etc. . .

      Generally, globally, womxn and girls are ALWAYS THERE for men and boys.

      The world’s issues would *be dealt with already* if men weren’t, as a human group today, wilfully ungrateful, self-centred, possessive, narcopathic abusers.

      It is down-to-earth, wise womxn of colour possessing vast breadth of knowledge via life/work/health/spiritual/relationship/community experience *who should lead.*

      men and boys should provide the *ever-essential and invaluable foundational support.*

      What science and life proves is the better, *balanced, natural Gaian alignment.* Matriarchal societies were and are *successful: happy and healthy.*

  1. Jamaalow adiga dalkeena iyo dadkeena ayaa laguu soo diray inaad sumcad xumeeso adigoo shilimaad yar dhaaf siisato,

    Maalin un gacanta waa soo galee waana lagu abaal marin doona Insha allaah

  2. This would get more views and outrage if the title used the word rape, which is exactly what has happened in all 3 circumstances. Hope the social media companies are held accountable for allowing rape videos to circulate freely and be sold. I really hope these women get justice, but I won’t hold my breath after seeing the way men are coming for the reporter in this comments section. Don’t shoot the messenger people!

  3. I condemn this action and it need to be dealt in Islamic law which is punishment for the perpetrators. I also like to remind you that Somalis are entrepreneurs in Africa and worldwide. why are you not covering that achievement rather than always highlighting negative image among your people. I know journalism only concentrates on negative so it can make it to the news channels but remember there also a positive journalism.

  4. Fahiima inaad so waraysatay ahayd, waan ka xumahay waxa ku dhacay hablaha somaliyeed, insha allah ilahay baa ka abaal marin doona waxay idinku sameeyen waxan haday run tahay.

  5. I made report several times of Facebook and Instagram accounts that do the same
    The answer was “we didn’t found anything wrong”
    But my Facebook account was blocked for no reason

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