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â€ŧī¸ NOVEMBER Flyers â€ŧī¸ Missing Kids under the age of 13 in Virginia! Their posters need to be shared!

AS OF 11/20/22 there are 599 Missing juveniles in the State of Virginia.

🚩 AGE 13 AND UNDER Missing Since JULY 2022 IN VIRGINIA:

🔹ī¸ Matthew Wells
🔹ī¸ Ja'Shawn Cunningham
🔹ī¸ Zayla Christmas
🔹ī¸ Beautiful Christmas
🔹ī¸ Daneen Stokes
🔹ī¸ Ameena Jackson
🔹ī¸ Amirah LeGrande
🔹ī¸ Nakayla Hill
🔷ī¸ Achaius Simms
🔷ī¸ Zanyla Washington
🔷ī¸ Joey Copeland
🔷ī¸ Tamiria Sanders
🔷ī¸ Andrew Vasquez-Flores
🔷ī¸ Dashawne Trice-Hill
🔷ī¸ Royalty Cooper – a 2-year-old Missing Child and not one news article found!
🔷ī¸ Lizzy Reyes Mejia
🔷ī¸ Deon Burton
🔷ī¸ Jaedyn Hopkins
🔷ī¸ Jasmine Juarez Montano
🔷ī¸ Atoria Hyman
🔷ī¸ Ianna Mondesir
🔷ī¸ Cymphany Collier
🔷ī¸ Allison Martinez-Castro
🔷ī¸ Azariah Williams
🔷ī¸ Brielle Dickens
🔷ī¸ Dasir Murray
🔷ī¸ Dulce Alonzo-Chico
🔷ī¸ Derionna Tucker
🔷ī¸ Mallory Martin
🔷ī¸ Kentaysia Ford
🔷ī¸ Shamorie Sampson
🔷ī¸ Kaylee Molina
🔷ī¸ Quantae Harris

Tune in Monday night 8pm EST for a Dutchy Livestream about Virginia Cases and More!

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