1. I remember seeing these billboards of her and I see now that they help. Thank God thr community is paying attention as well and helping being these young women home.

    1. How do you know the billboards helped, this is worthless news and the new normal for negligent parenting!

  2. Safe and pregnant. Smh
    We need an update 9 months from now pls.i actually helped looking for her

    1. Hey Jesus.
      Have you heard about sex trafficking??
      The way she is appearing all sad and in a bad state that gives a clue the situation she is coming from. We should not assume that she was away by her own choice. Texas is plagued with sex trafficking where the gurls are placed for sale and forced to do terrible stuff.
      GOD bless those law enforcement working on her case.
      We need to see the responsibles in jail.
      Someone forced her to leave and do stuff..we need to know who and charged with the crime so more girls dont be victims.
      You better dont criticize her for her pregnancy ok?
      Don’t jump in the wrong conclusions please.
      Thanks GOD she is back but a rat belongs in jail for her disappearance.

  3. I see too much ignorance from the public. Jumping all to wrong conclusions before police completing their investigation.
    Just wait before offending the victim ok?. Wait if you dont know what happened to her.

    Lets police finish their work before judging the situation please. There is obviously too much pain involve in this. Lets wait for the responsibles to be taken to jail. Justice for Alinka & her family.

  4. Need to look into the family to see why she ran off sometimes it’s the parents that cause the problem

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