Carson teenager missing for months found safe, reunited with mom

The family of a 16-year old Carson girl who disappeared New Year's Day is thanking the community after the teen was finally located. Full story:


  1. Dang, these days, your baby missing doesn’t tend to bode well. Glad she was found. Hope life is good now.

  2. If she’s depressed to be home, then she’s already thinking of leaving again. The scary part is, if she can’t do it her way, she may try a more permanent exit.

  3. Messed up to put your mother through that just because you’re an immature brat and most likely ran off on your own will, that’s why no details have been given

  4. The $100,000 reward was not mentioned. This was offered up by the City of Carson using taxpayers’ money just days before she was found. There are no coincidences, just circumstances.

    The research and reporting on this is substandard at best.

  5. Whether she left voluntarily or not. Her face says it all. As if she went through alot. Praying you heal Alinka. Life is beautiful and you will recover from this.

  6. I remember when I ran away from home after being fed up for a few days and this is exactly how my father embraced me when I came back. I hope she knows how much her mother loves her and to show that love back because that’s the one of few things she will cherish when her mother is gone from this world, the memories of being embraced.

  7. Crazy crazy crazy. Teens that go missing for several months 90% of the time do not come home and are never seen or heard from again. I hope this family can heal. Happy for her safe return.

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