Dr. Phil missing in the dark world of sex trafficking | April 24, 2023 (Full Episode) 1080p

Dr Phil missing in the dark world of sex trafficking (Full Episode) 1080p | Dr. Phil Full Episodes (Season 21 Episode 133)
Air date: April 24, 2023
((( The search for a missing teen who may be the victim of sex trafficking; a girl says she was lured into sex trafficking by a man she met online; former athletes and assault survivors Jon Vaughn and Trinea Gonczar partner to fight sexual abuse.)))

Dr. Phil Full Episode S21E133
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  2. Daisha is a stunning woman, and SO incredibly brave. I can’t even begin to imagine what she went through. Especially having to look at her son every day and see her trafficker in him every day.

    She should be so proud of herself and should hold her head high every damn day!

    She should also be proud that she managed to break that cycle of abuse for her child.

    1. Yes!!! ❤ There is a bright light that shines around her. Such a sweet and caring person. I really hope life goes great for her from here on out. She deserves it

  3. Parents should also be aware that child predators hunt for kids to traffic on sites where kids buy & sell games. Craigslist. FB marketplace etc. So be aware if your child is going to meet someone to buy or sell games. Not only girls are at risk. *_Boys are too._*

  4. See, this is the thing so many people don’t understand- the vast majority of traffickers aren’t driving by in vans and snatching girls off the street. They’re grooming them into believing this is their new boyfriend that’s gonna spoil them and take them away from their unhappy lives. Traffickers usually target poor girls, abused girls, girls with drug problems, girls with really low self esteem, girls with abusive parents…girls that they don’t think are gonna be a huge problem for them, in terms of publicity, when they go permanently missing. “Throwaway girls” as they disgustingly refer to them. There are exceptions to every rule and sometimes they do take the wrong girl whose family will literally go to the ends of the earth to find them, like this one. But she still wasn’t just snatched in the first place, she was groomed. If you read/listen to any scary stories from Reddit or scary stories that have been put together and narrated in YouTube videos, you’ll get SO many stories per video where girls write that they think someone at the grocery store wanted to traffic them, someone at Target, someone in their neighborhood, someone at Starbucks, etc. The common denominator? Those girls are all still around to write and submit their stories. One girl said she was a blonde sorority girl (not sure why she mentioned she was blonde, but she found it to be relevant, I guess) that felt like someone was following her on her campus. Someone probably was, but not likely a trafficker(s). Just your run of the mill sicko. A blonde sorority girl is the last kind of girl they want to take. The publicity would be huge and even moreso if she was taken from her campus. Have girls ever been trafficked from the places listed above? Could be. There are exceptions to every rule. But it would be very slim amounts in comparison to the ones who are groomed first and go willingly and then find out it’s a trap after getting there. Last thing, there are even TikTok videos that say things like, if you find a zip tie on your car door handle or a random red paper on your windshield, tucked under your wiper blades, that means you’re being targeted for trafficking. Those are the goofiest of all. Cameras are literally everywhere nowadays. You can’t just abduct someone without a person or a camera or both seeing it happen. Traffickers aren’t gonna be that brazen and publicly mark something that draws attention to their operation. But, I get it, Taken was a great movie and now girls everywhere think they’re next. Even if they’re in their own backyard. And if they’re talking to the wrong guy, they might be right

    1. Yep, people desperately need to be educated on what sex trafficking actually is. The amount of people who defend the likes of Andrew Tate because the girls went voluntarily, didn’t leave when they had the chance or whatever other excuse is insane to me. I’ve calmly tried to explain that by his own admission he is guilty of the crime. Now you can have an opinion that it shouldn’t be a crime if you’re that ignorant…. but to argue he hasn’t committed a crime by the standard of today’s laws is asinine beyond belief. People have this weird belief that any sex crime is committed by some nefarious villain stranger character who drags you off the street at night … they don’t realise the majority of r*pe cases and sexual assaults are done behind closed doors by someone the victim knows and trusts. This needs to be discussed more often and visibly so people can be educated of the realities

    1. It has profoundly chged the world. It’s given us wonderful things ….or has it? I think we were much better off without it. So I agree w you. But for God and His Son Jesus!

    2. Unfortunately we need the internet in the world we live in it’s just been so abuse by people who use it for there own awful way there is a right way of using the net but a lot don’t use it the right way.

  5. Wow the ladies on the panel are so strong ❤️❤️❤️wish them all the best and I really hope you find your girl x

  6. These poor girls. Trafficking makes me sick I hope every girl that’s gone missing gets found. I’m a mother and couldn’t even imagine losing my child not knowing where she was that scares the s*** out of me

  7. 😳😳😳😳😳. I used to live in Houston and EVERYDAY I would see girls wearing almost nothing and these girls would prostitute near the Elementary school down the street. Praying that Kristen is found soon.

  8. This makes me sad please Ladies be careful who you talking to online
    Please meet that person in a safe place like a restaurant in a public place. Please don’t give our your personal information online to a man you don’t know.

  9. What a bunch of awesome women I know there’s so many more than the two on the stitch they are selfless loving amazing people there just the most wonderful I don’t know how else to explain it being selfless with unconditional love and meaning what you’re saying not using them as words they need help they can’t do this alone. I would love to help but don’t think I can because something that I can actually do I am disabled I broke my back from years ago so I have nerve damage on top of that some of the shards from and basically I have pins and needles through my fingers hands and feet and toes and it never goes away sometimes it’s so bad I don’t know if you guys like something when your hands are sleeping and it shoots crazy electrical vibes that’s what it feels like every second of the day. But if there’s anything I can do to help please get ahold of me and I mean that. I’m sorry if my device does not add punctuation and sorry if it added any words or misspelled words due to not being able to use my hands. I have to talk into my device and that’s what it does to me sometimes it drives me crazy I’m sorry also I’d like to say thank you to all of them from helping these kids what you do is amazing you not only inspire people but you helped carrots get through this and you give them hope hope that somebody cares and hope that their child is going to be found. I want to say THANK YOU. THANK YOU for being you don’t ever change who you are I know you guys don’t hear it enough so I’m going to say it again THANK YOU!!!!!

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