The Missing Children of Lori Vallow Daybell | Full Episode

Lori Vallow Daybell is currently on trial for the murder of her two children, “J.J.” Vallow and Tylee Ryan, and Tammy Daybell, the late wife of her husband, Chad Daybell. Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell, who is also charged in the killings, have pleaded not guilty. Chad Daybell will be tried separately. Prosecutors say the couple’s so-called doomsday beliefs played a role in the murders. This episode originally aired on May 16, 2020. Watch more full episodes of "48 Hours" on Pluto TV.

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  1. What is wrong with the mother and sister of Lori?? They are brainwashed. It’s sad. They must feel so embarrassed and stupid looking back at this interview

    1. @Svnny Agree, I can understand that a criminal, abuser can be displaying different sides to different people and thus it can be difficult to comprehend but when things add up people usually start to realise there’s something off.

    2. I think they have adjusted their opinion after seeing a lot of evidence. I believe Summer, the sister, is on the witness list for Lori’s prosecution.

  2. It’s very telling how you can spend your life with someone for 13 years and they can behave like nothing after you are murdered right there . Insane

    1. @prisssylla333 her son she adopted it was her husband’s nephew and all she cared about was the money she got for caring for him. She is a sociopath, no real feelings there.

    2. @Thanasis Koligliatis yes, but the daughter acted like nothing happened as well. Her mother must have been brainwashing her as well. Hence, it made it easier for her own children’s demise

    1. This is a bit irresponsible to Lori’s mother since you do not make it clear when this was released. She has since changed her views. Please look at the comments of people below. They think this is recent.

  3. Looking at her mother and sister, one can clearly see where Lori’s toxic narcissism comes from. No willingness for self reflection at all, just deflection, lies and endless entitlement.
    But after all that we’ve seen about Lori’s family so far, I do hope that we’ll also get to know much more about the second half of this murdering couple, Chad Daybell. Who was he? What kind of family did he come from? I would REALLY like to know where did he get the idea that he was a chosen one and a prophet with superpowers, who simply declared Charles, Tammy and two innocent kids to be evil, possessed by demons and deserving to be murdered.

    1. @Hansel Mansell Really? Have you heard her sister’s phone call with Lori? Did she not go from the top of the mountain here into a total abyss after the children were found murdered? The children were missing for months and yet during that time no one found it appropriate to question Lori? There are quite a few interviews with Lori’s extended family members on Hidden True Crime who have revealed a lot about the Cox family dynamics and it is much WORSE than just entitlement. Also, an interview with Heather Daybell, Chad’s sister-in-law, gave us a good insight into the Daybell family. Neither is a nice story, but it shows that people around them knew very well what kind of people both Chad and Lori were and they still chose to ignore all the red flags until it was too late and the children ended in the Daybell pet cemetery.

  4. I really hope that Tylee and JJ receive the justice that they deserve. 💞 I have been following this case since the beginning. I am sending strength, prayers, and positive vibes to their grandparents and for everyone that loved and cared for Tylee and JJ as they go through the arduous judicial process. Rest in peace Tylee and JJ. 💗

    1. ​@Lindsay CI was also asking that. I could have sworn I saw they found both bodies in a backyard.
      I thought I was confusing stories for a minute.

  5. I don’t care how much I love my family members. There is no way I would get on national t v and proclaim their innocence when it’s that much evidence against them. Take feelings out of the way, and look at all the evidence. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them if you face the fact that the evidence points to their involvement.

    1. It is a really sad thing because you’d think they would have loved those kids enough to try to stand up for them, find them, reveal the truth but no, they continued to shelter and empower Lori Shallow both privately and publicly. There is love and then there is just poorly aligned loyalties and I think the later meant more than the former to these people.

    2. If it werent so sad that 2 innocent children along with others lost their lives this case is almost comical. Using religion as a ruse.. as a Christian I don’t understand this at all even as an LDS member it’s just wrong

    3. @lou well, that’s just what Lori Daybell has done – said nothing at all about where her children are, why she went to Hawaii without them, whether they’re alive or not. So lou, she’s taken you’re advice!

    1. A CULT, ALL IN IT TOGETHER!!! Lori thinks she’s all that, she’d best take a long look at her mother, exactly how SHE’LL look in awhile! The sis& mom just condoned it all

    2. @Vivian Ibia Based off a recent jailhouse phone call, I honestly believe her sister was fooled by her. She no longer believes in Lori’s innocence.

  6. Her mom and sister holding a constant smirk were the most sickening and saying the same thing again and again..

    1. @3rrlia usually there’s one child that becomes a narcissist, and one who is good, yet codependent- and marries a narcissist.

    2. That must be where Lori gets it from. That woman has a constant smile, nose held high look…

  7. Given today’s testimony from the detective, I am convinced she is a sociopath. It’s been 4 years and today is the first time she has shown any sadness, which was probably done just to gain jury sympathy.

    1. It’s absolutely creepy how she’s so faking any emotion. She only feels bad for herself and knows damn well what happened to those kids and was the mastermind behind it. Her sister and mother are ridiculous and terrifying in their own way. They make you realize that Lori easily was so swayed by anything because so are they. It runs in the family.

  8. Her mother seems like she probably made excuses for Lori her entire life in one way or another. The whole family really. I do not believe for a second she spoke with JJ on the phone the day she claims either. She “heard him in the background,” and that may or may not have been what she heard. How anyone could do this to their children will forever be something no one understands.

    1. I thought it was interesting how they brought up that they heard JJ in the background and THEN state that they actually talked to him…
      If it was that important to the case, she would’ve stated it first

    2. I believe she lied..trying to convince that she isn’t..she said that she HEARD him and then when asked how was she sure…added she SPOKE TO Him…

    3. True she has confirmed she lied HOWEVER jj was autistic, my son is also and I’ve worked a long time with kids on the spectrum they repeat thing. There is footage of jj saying her name over and over. My son does the same he says pop pop over and over and may giggle no matter what my dad says 🙂 it has also been theorized that jj herd something that would condemn his mother so he had to go as he would repeat it. It’s a sad case and while I try to be positive there is a part of me that is glad she is devastated and struggles with what she said during the investigation.

    4. yes she’s a liar about talking to JJ. you can telll& it doesn’t fit the timeline

    1. Often times it has zero to do about being in denial. Some folk are just up for supporting fuckery and folk that are just like them! Plain and simple. Alot of folk do it all the time, to their detriment. But it doesn’t matter if they stand behind her to support her pretenses. As a mother should know her children’s where abouts. If this is the same person that told the cops that her son was sraying at her friend’s house……..when the truth was, he wasn’t there at all. 🙄 Maybe she really believed that she was whoever she was imagining herself to be. As what tf was she thinking that led her to do that?!?

    2. @Marilyn Causey he sister is absolutely distraught, there sis a phone call between her and her sister. She really believed in her sister till the kids bodies were found.

    3. @Sarcinotnarci I know. I’ve now heard the jailhouse phone call between Summer and Lori. Summer (the sister) was absolutely distraught. 💔

  9. Nothing screams innocence like going on a honeymoon while your kids are missing, if my children went missing I’d also just keep on with my life. Said no one ever.

    1. Istg it does not make sense for someone much less a parent to be so nonchalant

    2. If you’ve been married 5 x, that’s red flag already. Scary how mothers can be so loving, caring to their children than murdered them. I’ll commit suicide myself if I knew my kids are missing. My kids are my world & I won’t breath with out them. 😢

  10. The last time a mother failed to report her child missing and the child was found murdered, the mom walked free. #kayleeanthony
    I pray for justice for all the victims of these monsters.

    1. Thank you for keeping Madelina’s name OUT THERE, WE WILL MOT FORGET THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN. 🙏❤️💯

    1. ❤grandparents are always for theirs and always love. In the good and the bad. As seen in this film. But at the end of the day. Lori was sick from day 1 look at the trail she left from her first husband this is sick she’s sick.

  11. I would like her mom to now explain how she talked to JJ on the phone days after he was already dead.

    1. @Laurie B they have a whole documentary on Netflix that just came out. You should watch it. It goes into full detail.

    2. @Laurie B sadly, yes. They were buried in husband #5 garden and found almost 3 years ago 😢. Lori is on trial currently. Shitebag husband will be next.

  12. This whole situation wouldn’t have been discovered without Kay & Larry Woodcock (JJ’s grandparents) and Nate Eaton (East Idaho News). Justice for Tammy, Tylee, JJ, and Charles. 🙏

    1. @D ee. Personally, I don’t believe criticizing the woman’s appearance is very nice……It has absolutely nothing to do with this story!

    2. @Spa-Peggy & Meatballs YES! I am thinking about how religion teaches this. Unfortunately, I don’t trust any religious person to have good critical thinking skills, no matter how much I love and respect them. There’s always that feeling of how can they be so gullible… what else will they believe?

    3. if you heard the sister testify she’s heartbroken. She believed Lori, who would want to think their Sister could harm their own children. Lori fooled a lot of people. If it’s found they were lying, they should be prosecuted. Easier for us to judge now we know all the facts. I don’t understand how any Mother could put a man before her own children. That’s a mystery to me. Those poor kids. 😢

  13. Apparently “Lori” can talk to the dead but can’t talk to her dead husband and dead kids. Wow just wow. The mother and sister are so much in denial. It such a tragedy. Prayers for the grandparents.

  14. I really would like to know how the mother and sister reacted upon knowing that JJ and Tylee’s bodies were found on Daybell’s property.

    1. well you can hear the phone call between summer and lori , it has been played in court

  15. Oh man… Today in South Africa, everyone is horrified by the killing of two children who were mutilated. This was a sad reminder of how demonic the times are. May God protect you as you create and curate this content. Thank you for sharing

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