1. Yup, I knew it. Missing black children are often designated as runaways. This way, the police don’t have to look for them.

    1. Its a matter of satistical fact. 9 in 10 missing kids are runaways.

      That doesn’t make it better though, because runaways are just as in danger of being harmed or trafficked.

  2. 27 kids? This is not runaways. This is not a coincidence. Get on with the investigations and figure it out! Lazy lazy investigator.

    1. ​@Unlucky Guy Almost all of them are African American. If they were white, they’d have all the alphabet boys searching 24/7. And before you say anything, I’m white, I still know when the importance of a situation is raised or lowered because of the ethnicity of the victims.

    1. Its called doing your job have u watched that video where the guy is talking about his dead wife he has to be calm and that is every job like the position of the police

    2. He’s not….. it’s not his kids or any kids that are from his part of town. Wake up brother’s and sister’s.

  3. They are TRAFFICKING KIDS. WTH up people. Not” just” runaways and shouldn’t we be looking for any endangered child.

  4. Wayward kids…pleese…this should be on the news 24 7 and a reward set for each unharmed child.its more than alarming. 😢

    1. I wonder if he’s holding back something for good reason. They all seem to be in the 16 to 17 range, male and female, most looked to be black… For example, why not mention if there is any connection between any of these kids? Is there a common factor? Do they know each other? For him to focus on wayward kids, seems too odd to not have some reason to go in that direction. Who knows, it could be incompetence but these don’t seem to be the ideal age, demographic, and such for things like trafficking, or weird freak stuff. Could be some psycho murderer though. I’m pretty sure the FBI has to be involved too at this point.

    2. @Archie Myles It’s super odd… I googled this and mixed in with the results were a bunch of stories from 2 weeks ago of the Marshall’s claiming to have found 35 missing children from this same area. In every story, all it said was that the children were found alive. There was never a mention of why they were missing, no arrests, or any other information.

    3. ​@michael randall U know what I find odd is that the real number of missing ppl in Cleveland is 86 every two weeks. So why are they only reporting 27 & then saying these are high numbers? Im not implying ppl haven’t gone missing, I’m just saying they’re not presenting the truth. Something doesn’t add up 🤔 In the main comment section I left a comment showing my math for this if you’d like to see it.

  5. Have the photography companies contracted to the schools each year for annual student photos been contacted for photos of the kids? The kids in middle & high schools would’ve had pictures taken for the year books whether they purchase the book or not.

  6. Are you kidding me? His lack of concern is ridiculous. And speaks to how missing black people/children are treated with lack of care in this country. They are not all just “runaways”! This is NOT a coincidence. The lack of urgency is disgusting.

    1. As a white man, that’s the first thing I thought as well when seeing the photos of the kids. If these were all white kids missing, they’d have ALL the alphabet boys working around the clock. FBI, CIA, ATF… all of them!

  7. What is going on there? That’s a lot of kids! How do you not have photos of the kids 😭. That’s so sad. Even if they’re a foster child, they should have someone who has taken a photo of them.

    1. Exactly, and with social media and schools, cameras everywhere, etc… it’s very hard for me to believe they can’t get photos with a bit of effort

  8. This cop has to be in on it. Why do the cops give so many excuses besides actually doing anything. “runaways” really?


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