Mother of missing Texas 6-year-old boy told family member she sold him, warrant states

Police in Everman, Texas, have been investigating Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez's disappearance since March 20, 2023.


    1. Bring him home?
      There is no home, so if he’s found safe, he’ll be in CPS custody meanwhile they get him into someone’s home.

  1. Family or not. Abuse *IS* abuse! Do not let a child continue being abused because you are too scared to intervene with your family! You intervening may be the only chance at life that child may ever have.

    1. The state doesn’t care until something horrible happens. They don’t deserve extra credit here, the reporter even emphasized physical evidence of abuse. I’m dealing with the same problem with my nephew, abusers know better than to leave evidence. The state won’t do anything until it’s too late. It’s like they don’t even want us to go to them.

  2. This is the saddest story. No matter what the real story is. This poor little boy did not experience any love from his birther. 💔

  3. He’s so beautiful. How can anyone harm a child… the people who saw the abuse and did nothing should be held accountable too.

    1. They are not mandated Reporters. Mandated Reporters : Doctors, School Staff, Child Protective Agents Etc…

  4. She murdered her son. NO MOTHER would say this unless she’s HIDING something. The poor baby is gone. Get a court order immediately and have her extradited back to the states.

    1. Ur right & if they keep looking they’ll find the bones. The German shepherd will pick up something hopefully the officers don’t ignore it 🔮


    1. Only court mandated reporters are criminally liable for inaction or not reporting. There is no legal requirement to act unless you sign documents as a part of a job credential, so health care workers, teachers, law and fire department personnel are required to report.

      It’s the most craven on souls who would take no action when seeing a child abused, but we have no legal obligation to act unless we take on that responsibility

    2. It’s becoming hard to make reports and have anyone even police follow up. I once tried to get the manager of a FIESTA mart call police to report abuse seen by everyone in Line and no one would say or do anything for the kid. The manager told me he couldn’t physically do anything, so I waited for police to make the report, waited for an hour, NONE EVER SHOWED. Sad world we live in.

  6. I am 56 and a single mom of a daughter with special needs who is 23. I’ve been raising her alone her whole life. It’s hard but rewarding. I wouldn’t change my life for anything. My daughter is my whole life and I adore her. This story hurts me deep in my soul. Clearly, they viewed Noel as a major burden because of his special needs and possibly even an embarrassment. Some cultures are like that with special needs children. These poor children don’t ask to be born. Whatever child you are gifted with is a blessing. These parents could easily have put him up for adoption or into foster care. I tell you right now-Noel is dead. She killed him and is making up this b.s. story to put them off her trail. She and her husband are pure evil. Pray they find little Noels’ body soon so they can bring these demons to justice. Prayers for little Noel.🙏👼

    1. You are right they are evil evil parents, poor child 😢. I was raise by a single mom and she is the best mom in the world, she raise my siblings and I as best as she could, she always protect us and show us love and care, my mom is the best. She worked so hard but always made sure we had her attention and support. How can a parent do this, especially to a special need child 😢

    2. @GODDESS66 You are most likely correct on what really happened to Noel. So sad. Such a beautiful child he was. How can anyone be so cruel. It’s extremely inhumane on how they treated him & what they have done to him. Demons they definitely are to be so cruel. Poor Noel, Such a heartbreak 💔 traumatizing tragedy he went through. Stuff like this makes me mad. RIP Noel

  7. i don’t understand why ppl have children if they’re gonna mistreat & abuse them.. i feel so bad for her son. he does not deserve to grow up in that type of environment & i hope he’s safe 🙁

    1. ​@MR X they chose to keep him. You can put newborns up for adoption or leave them at a hospital or fire station without questioning if they are under a certain age. There are laws for it, it’s to encourage parents who would otherwise ditch the child for death to bring it somewhere safe instead without pressuring the parents.

  8. I hope this poor little boy is okay. As for the heartless mother I hope she spends the rest of her life in prison

  9. If this child is still alive, it’ll be a miracle. Please… please find this child and keep him safe 🙏

  10. My heart just sank, as I feel she killed him, rather than sold him…..
    That poor child & what he must have endured by his own Mother 💔

    1. Yeah. She also gave another story that he was with his father in Mexico but CPS investigated and the father has never met his son (he was deported to mexico years prior). So the conflicting stories the mom gave can only mean one thing. 💔

  11. My older brother is so precious to us the thought of him being anywhere but with us hurts . This precious baby didn’t deserve this he deserves to be loved so shocking and upsetting

  12. This story made me bawl my eyes out. Noel looks like such a cute boy, what a wicked world we live in and such an evil ‘mother’

  13. There’s a saying that goes….”every child deserves a parent but not every parent deserves a child”. And I stand behind that statement 100%. Just heart breaking!!

  14. I’m so sorry that he had to born in that kind of cruel family 😢 I hope and pray he’s safe🙏🏾

  15. Poor little guy. He’s adorable. How could anybody not want to care for him? Cases like this hurt my heart.

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