Florida Missing Child Alert issued for a 2-year-old boy missing in Brooksville

People in a northern Brooksville neighborhood are asked to keep an eye out for a missing 2-year-old boy while law enforcement continues to search all across the area. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued a Florida Missing Child Alert for 2-year-old Joshua Rowland, who goes by JJ, just before 6 p.m.

It's believed the toddler left home Thursday in the area of Cheever and Yontz roads while the parent was asleep, according to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

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  1. I listened to the Sheriff’s press conference earlier. He didn’t mention nor did anyone ask whether the dogs JJ was playing with were still in the yard or whether they were also missing.

    1. @Tikesia Christian JJ has been found, as you probably know, so it’s a moot point now. I was wondering because dogs that have bonded with a child won’t usually let the child wander off alone. They’ll usually tag along with the child. Apparently their dogs aren’t very protective of JJ.

  2. did you also listen to the part where he said i understand the parents didn’t call police right way as they themselves were the first ones searching something sounds fishy to me

    1. The father had custody of jj, and the mother has a live-in boyfriend. Jj was dropped off to the house by a grandmother supposedly.
      A neighbor saw the little boy playing in the yard with the dogs while mom and bf sleeping.
      Doug Live North Port on YouTube gets info from woman 3:45 (3hr and 45min on timer)

    2. @Jen Stanley I was just on his live the whole time he been out there looking and walking he will be back out there in just a few hours

    3. update he was found but still who keeps their eyes away from their kids especially this young!!! i wonder if CPS is going to be called they should Thank You Jesus for keeping thi precious little boy safe!!

    4. @debbie flores I was thinking the same thing they may already be there many different people at the house

  3. I really hope he is asleep somewhere and will be found at sunrise safe and is returned to his family. Poor little guy. He must be so afraid right now 😢

    1. @Metal Mama Sue yes he was and I’m so happy for JJ thank you for responding back my friend have a lovely day 🌻

  4. i live in the brooksville area, they live up the road from me and i hope they find him safe and sound. they just found a sippy cup and one shoe print, we hope it’s his. they’re outside searching right now, i’ve seen all the cop cars and everyone out.

    1. It was said that it wasn’t his sippy cup and they said he didn’t have on no shoes the family had said it 🤦🏾🤦🏾I can’t even sleep thinking about this baby 😭somebody know something 😤🧐

    2. @Tikesia Christian didn’t mean shoes, it was a foot print. let’s not automatically assume it’s the parents. he’s actually a patient at my moms work too :/

    3. @Brittany Gidley I am not say it’s the parents either but somebody know something or saw something I just want him to be found safe I didn’t sleep last night stayed up all night worrying if this baby boy is ok

  5. I’m afraid to think about what happened. I have a question. WHY WAS A 2 YR OLD UNSUPERVISED? Something is up. I hope its not his parents.

  6. My gawd? I lost my daughter once for 15 minutes, and I almost passed out from the panicking. I was beside myself in terror. I can’t even imagine. Poor l’il peanut. My love and light to him and all that are searching.
    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 ♥️ 🙏✌️

    1. He was found safe by a marine veteran, I have 2 sons who are now grown young men. They’re sneaky little boogers, I’m so glad and yes I would’ve been scared to death. Little boys are fearless. Some girls too. Praise God 🥰

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