Missing North Texas boy: Updates from Everman police

An Endangered Missing Alert has been issued for a missing 6-year-old boy who officials say was abducted in Everman, Texas, which is south of Fort Worth.



  1. Please someone who knows come forward … please tell what you know about this child or his family 🙏🏼🥺❤️‍🩹

  2. Wow, mom and step-dad know more than they are saying. They literally fled with the rest of the kids to another country. Crazy how the mother tried to blame the father in Mexico but wasn’t counting on them to find the father’s statement able to be backed up. Her on the other hand, seems to be avoiding police.

    1. She was a neighbor and treated those kids bad we never thought she was capable of doing something like this they need to look at Charles who she lived with and see his involvement

    2. @Susanna Rodriguez maybe the poor angel tan-out of oxygen and accidentally passed ? They hid his remains. ??

    3. I wonder in india if this newsstory is covered. This needs to. I am worried if those older kids are safe..

  3. She lied and fled the country the moment she started getting questioned about his whereabouts, that poor baby is unalived somewhere that’s why she left, I pray the one who birthed him is brought back to the US she knows exactly what happened

  4. How can you report that the other children are not endanger ? Those children need to be taken away that child is missing

  5. What I don’t understand is why parents were able to leave. Anyone else, this would be a “hot” investigation. So many things would have happened to mom by now. If you can’t account 4 your kid, SOMETHING is wrong..VERY WRONG

  6. I pray this boy Noel gets found asap they need to arrest this mother and step dad and these other children are in danger of some thing happening to them

  7. The community probably can’t help she probably made that child stay home inside because of his disabilities, that child deserves justice he was born here and he needs justice. So where ever the mother is Turkey or where ever they need to arrest her and send them back and the children so questions can be answered. The mother is lying and she needs come back regardless if she did it her self or her husband they both need to come back and tell the truth for that baby.

  8. WHAT IS GOING ON? Didn’t appear to be a stable situation from the beginning. Shouldn’t have taken this long to haul her behind in.

  9. I see so many children left with or returned to parents who are unable to give them the care they deserve. I have seen children removed from foster homes where they were loved, cared for, and provided the necessary mental health and educational assistance they need. The children were stable and happy. Still, they were given to parents who do not have the means nor ability to provide for these children the way the foster family has been. It breaks my heart. But the goal is reunification with the lowest threshold of “ability to care for children” they can get away with.

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