Amber Alert issued for 4 children out of El Paso

An Amber Alert has been issued for four children out of El Paso, Texas on Saturday.

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  1. Lord, I ask for your help in the safe return of all missing children. No matter how slim the chances are of finding them, with you, they will be found. You are the God of the impossible. Let the kidnappers be careless and leave traces of their evil works. Lead the police in the right direction during their search. Open the eyes of the police so they can see and follow your leads to rescue the helpless children. Keep the children safe until they return home. Amen.

  2. Are you saying the mother took those kids or didn’t return the kids when court order supposed to. Why not say if it’s the mother of these children. I don’t know them but there a lot of parents not doing court orders correctly. So they’re upset with the court orders statement. Dang these parents just need too get their stuff together. So many problems with custody agreements.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Just say it’s the mother. But I think they do that because people won’t take it seriously if it’s the children’s parent, even if they aren’t supposed to have the kids.

  3. With all these news channels and Amber alert,I’m letting officials know I have 2 phones and there was no alert on my phones😮

  4. The flyer reads only black listed for the color or vehicle. Not the license plate painted black.

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