TBI issues endangered child alert for missing 1-year-old from East Tennessee

TBI issues endangered child alert for missing 1-year-old from East Tennessee


  1. Oh my God….. do not hurt this child, please!!!! People are done with child abductors and we will find you!!!!!!

  2. Oh Father in Heaven PLEASE what’s being done in darkness bring to light. Wherever this angel is Please Jesus Bring Him HOME SAFELY. Good Grief!!! There are COUNTLESS stories EVERY SINGLE morning regarding little ones missing or found dead (murdered)! SO SICK of seeing this happening. What is the Attack on our children about? HOME and SAFE!!!! Please Jesus!!

    1. I feel the same way why are parent’s sibling’s baby sitter’s either killing sexually molesting KIDS ‼️‼️ I don’t understand how anyone can do that I’m sure you’ve heard about SUMMER WELLS missing for 3 week’s now I really in my heart believe that her mother did something to her and her father either knows or is covering it up for her !! I pray that they find her safe 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    2. @Deborah Baker yea cause you’re smarter than tbi or fbi. Get outta here. Quit judging them. You need to be praying for them instead. Why are people so down right cold anymore? No heart whatsoever.

    3. The sad truth is the Bible says it’s going to get a lot worse until He comes to save us from the really bad stuff that’s going to happen.

  3. Omg not another child , it’s realy too much , please let this baby come home safe and sound . I send all the love in the world to the mom and family and much strength till they find this little sweetheart . 💕👶🏻💕

    1. It’s completely possible that he’s saving the baby from a postpartum Mom who’s threatening to do things to the baby. If you haven’t noticed recently, there’s 3x the mother’s killing all their kid’s compared to men.

    2. Could be the fact there is a problem at home ,I guess we have to wait and see what is the reason he took his son. Its Just that lately children are disappearing everywhere .and it makes you just worry and hope that little boy is safe.

  4. When couples get into heated arguments its tragic how children of any age get caught up in the sadness between parents breaking up, no parent should take things out on the kids..if a parent is threatening to stop the other parent seeing the kids,its a trigger for disaster,as like this situation here.. I hope and pray this young baby is alive and well and is found, someone is upset in all this probably both parents getting caught up in who keeps the kid..its just so sad it has got to this…

    1. So well said!
      Prayers for this baby to be found safe & healthy & to be returned to whomever can care for him best.

  5. When these alerts go out I try to reserve judgment, pray & keep my eyes/ears peeled back. We never know the whole of a situation. Some ppl that take their kids are doing so to protect them. Unfortunately every situation is unique. So when lack of detail comes into play I try to use my own discernment. But above all I pray that child is returned home safely 🙏

    1. No one knows and can only speculate. I have observed over the years and can use the current stories and your comment as the perfect example. In Summer Wells case, the trolls were quick to point their finger at the mother. This story is about a father who is being accused and your comment says – Don’t judge!…. It’s always this way. Mothers who are innocent get a accused and fathers who are guilty get excused. The world hates women, especially mother’s, and always gives the male the benefit of the doubt.

    2. @Li Lo sounds to me like you hate men not the other way around. Quite bold of u to claim u know what the world “thinks” though. The Summer Wells case isn’t over yet & u may speculate all u like, it’s your right but it doesn’t make u right. Speculating is the same thing as gossip, you should also use discernment. I’ve been on the other end of ppl with your same way of thinking & thinking like that can ruin/end innocent ppls lives. Get on the side of humanity not hate.

    3. I was just giving the current example. And if you want to call me a hater then let me make it clear that it is the human race that I hate, not a particular gender. Study world history from the beginning of time and you will see continuous examples of what I am talking about. There are no exceptions.

    4. When did I claim to know what the world thinks? Study world history. Make your own observations.

    5. The current status of the Summer Wells case is that they are treating it like a stranger abduction. They have hired the FBI unit that specializes in stranger abductions. Watch the press conferences about the case. The parents have taken lie detector tests and no persons of interest have been identified. The authorities have received over 800 tips based on social media gossip, mostly against the mother

  6. I want to see interviews with the mother BEFORE laying judgement… If she’s ANYTHING like the mother of MY grandkids… The father did it to keep that child safe
    Mothers are NOT always the best parent to fork custody over to JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE “mothers”

    1. And having to deal with you is probably hell. You sound so cold and heartless. Who gives you the right to judge? The MOTHER is probably worried sick. Gosh what is wrong with people these days?!

    2. @Nat loves Jesus AND…
      YOU didn’t give her a house FULL of furniture for those KIDS… To have it shredded
      TWO vehicles destroyed because SHE’S out getting her HEROINE on
      ALL on MY dime

  7. Is that where Summer Wills was/is? Good lord what is wrong with people: men killing wife and kids and kids go missing in Tennessee . So sad, hope he is found, at least they know who has him.

  8. OMG are you kidding me? Is there something in the water???? I mean come on People. This is getting downright scary.

  9. ok, how the hell does a one-year-old go missing? when a one-year-old needs constant attention…

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