75-year-old man facing charges after 5-year-old went missing in Queens

A 75-year-old man is facing charges including kidnapping and criminal sex act after 5-year-old girl went missing in Queens on Tuesday, sparking a frantic hours-long search. Sonia Rincon has the latest details.

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    1. ​@EBS Entertainment

      Excalty . But these Clowns will hold these DEMONS ACCOUNTABLE or RESPONSIBLE for their ACTIONS.

    2. This mother had the mentality of a child so she could not recognize her head on her shoulders.

    1. @Joeka i agree ….no school,no daycare,keep the child & yourself lockdown in the home away from people . Sometimes it can cause a child to become paranoid, antisocial. Be put on medication before you know it you or the child addicted to drugs.There are some cruel people out there and there are some good people out here. You have to learn to watch and observe ,talk to your kids tell them things that are inappropriate to be on the lookout for.and always take the time to ask your kids how was your day?

  1. This is a very sad situation for this precious little girl. We need to be vigilant around children who are around adults and not let our guards down with our little ones. I hope and pray for this little girl receives the justice she deserves.

  2. Not every elderly person is an angel, no matter how grandparent-like they seem. Some are deeply messed up individuals.
    This disgusting man has most likely been doing this his whole life. Probably more victims out there. Please PLEASE be careful of who you leave your children with.

    I hope that little girl is doing okay. ❤

    1. Exactly and that’s why it concerns me when people convicted of crimes with ” no chance of parole” will often get released decades later by the system after they’re deemed as no risk to society.

  3. I remember when stranger danger started. My mom said the vast majority of abductions were not actually done by strangers. People just couldn’t fathom that the parents would let it happen.

    1. Started ? it’s been around for hundreds of years. And this man was not a stranger. She knew him for a year

    2. Well in California they are now teaching that strangers mean no harm among the other twisted curriculum.

    3. Stranger danger applies to not onIy children but adults. No matter what any liberal democratic republic says, I refuse to be inclusive. A kingdom of heaven on earth is guarded, fortified, and moated for a reason. They sure weren’t inclusive

    1. I never thought of it that way. I wouldn’t let my kids go to the park without anyone but her brother who looks like an adult.

    2. There’s a few more reasons why a Mother would let her child walk off with someone that she doesn’t know that well, or at all. Her elevator couldn’t possibly reach the top floor.

  4. Damm, as a father and a grandfather I am deeply horrified and disgusted, that this elderly grandfather has brutally violated this little 5 year old girl trust and confidence. 😥

    1. He has more than just violated her trust and confidence. He has ruined her mind, she will need so much therapy in order to make thru life. What will this babies future be like with this dark cloud always hanging over her head? They say that 3 out of 4 woman that suffer from alcoholism and addiction issues are survivors of some type of sexual abuse.

  5. This is not his first victim. I hope others will come forward and put this vile creature away for the rest of his life!!! I hope this 5 year old child gets counselling as soon as possible so that she fully understands it was not her fault. This advice is coming from a victim of years of sexual abuse who thought these abuses were her fault. Please protect your children – it is your duty!

    1. Grooming this vulnerable family until trust was granted…Lies have been exposed.
      Praying for this dear child and the mama. Both victims of grooming. May they find community that will protect them physically, emotionally, spiritually.

  6. When I was 8 yrs old, I visited an elderly man after his wife passed away. He was a neighbor. He kissed me. I turned and ran home and never told anyone. It hurts you mentally for the rest of your life. I can’t imagine what this litter girl is going through. May God Bless and heal her.

    1. It depends on if he kissed you on the lips or cheek. If he kissed you on the cheek and just thanked you for being there and tried nothing else, don’t see an issue w that. But if he kissed you on the lips, I would be outta there too.

    2. @Twisted Logik it doesn’t matter, it was a violation of boundaries and personal space. There are some things that one should not do, especially, when it involves an elderly man and a child

  7. Just because someone gets older doesn’t mean their thought process isn’t evil.. Poor little girl. Her mom let her down.

  8. As a mother idc how trusting a elderly neighbor is I am not letting my little girl go anywhere with no grown behind man!!! That’s very weird honestly , I hope this little girl
    Is able to heal from this

    1. Look at you own president of the U.S. ! That 7th grandchild, a little 4 yr. old, Navy, that he initially refused to acknowledge until a couple of weeks ago is lucky she’s in Arkansas.

    2. Men aren’t the only predators, women can be too. I wouldn’t allow my nephews with any one no matter the gender

  9. People better start “imagining” what can happen to their children, even at the hands of a trusted friend or family member. The level of child abuse in this country is appalling! Many kids are not even safe with their own parents.

  10. Just because he was never caught before doesn’t make him innocent – many are never caught and have hundreds of victims in a lifetime. I hope this little girl will heal and be okay. I hope his own grandchildren are safe from him and get questioned and helped too! He looks like a mild mannered wolf in sheep’s clothing. 😢Poor children who have suffered and survived this. 💔🙏❤️‍🩹

    1. And maybe he is actually innocent in this case . Ever heard of false accusations ? Children can also be led very easily by suggestions by adults. Ever hear of the McMartin case ? Look it up.

    2. @mizzury54

      This is not a false accusation. No child can willingly participate in this kind of act or anything that is derived from a sexual place. This doesn’t add up with him taking her to the park to her being missing. And they probably took a rape kit of the child too.

    3. @christinebuckingham8369

      Too many predatory people, especially men, never get caught. And those who have “attempted” but not yet commit the act are just as bad, but still a threat to society because there is no preventative measure that is put in placed for attempted situations, until something does actually happen.

    1. @Fancy Flower Duh, of course not! Obviously you can trust a random person on the internet named Debra!

  11. He is a nasty elderly man. He made friends with the mother gaining her trust but his intention was evil…Hope she got all the help because that remains with you all your life.

    1. GOD said for married women to be workers at home, I stayed home with my children, got them from school, helped with home word, home cooked meals, NO ONE SCREWED WITH MY CHILDREN! My sister told me of her babysitter episodes, no thanks! IF PEOPLE WOULD LISTEN TO GOD, we didn;t need 2 cars.

    2. They will usually groom the parents first. It’s particularly devastating to your ability to trust, I mean just even hearing a story like this damages your ability to trust people.

  12. People make fun of me calling me a helicopter mom because I only let my mom babysit and I don’t let my kids go to sleepovers. What a monster! Hope the kid can recover.

    1. You are doing a great job, Mama. My mom also didn’t let us go to sleep overs and insisted on being one of the chaperones at church lock-ins (youth group sleepovers) as well. She also didn’t allow us to go to parties that parents couldn’t stay for. I was a home body, but my siblings all had friends that grew up to have substance abuse problems or jail time stemming from going to events like that.

    2. I’ve been that way since I gave birth to my children. It’s been hard and I sacrificed a lot, but that’s my job right and I’m glad. If no one else says it, ‘Good for you too’, you did the right thing’. 💐💐💐

    3. You’re absolUtely right to do so. My father, born in the 1910’s, worked as a bell boy in hotels as a child and even back then he saw how some male guests would behave around young boys but his mother worked there as a maid so she kept her eye on him, plus he had the intelligence of mind to protect himself and stay out of it, and he always told us not to let our children do sleepovers.

  13. I was 12 years old in a catholic school when the janitors wife died. The nuns told us to be nice to him since he was grieving. Of course my hellos to him gave him some openings in his mind. When I was in the bathroom, he came in and attacked me. I fought like heck and got out. I never told anyone since I was afraid the nuns wouldn’t believe me and I would be labeled a troublemaker. I never told anyone..not my parents or even my late husband. I still think about that horrible day.

    1. Sorry you had to go through that
      And that you couldn’t tell any adult nearby
      Kids should have someone that will protect them

    2. I am very sorry this happened to you please share your story it will help you. You were a victim no reason to hide

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