1. @Laime Jannisterwasn’t much trouble for me either. This was one of the easier ones. Till next time partner.

  1. Perfect ending to a scary situation. Thanks to everyone who helped find the little guy. 💞

    1. If it was a black mother she would’ve beaten him and then flipped off the cops in the helicopter

  2. Advancements in technology can be frightening and often used for destruction, but man, just one instance like this makes all the difference in the world. God bless the pilot and air crew and everybody involved.

    1. Drones are now replacing these helicopters at the cost of 1/40th that of a helicopter. The helicopter for our county sheriffs department cost $10,000 to operate per hour as the helicopter itself was a little over 600,000. We just recently purchased a $120,000 drone that will never cost us anymore money ever again. The drone has completely replace the helicopter and last I knew that County was going to be selling it to purchase a firetruck.

    2. ​@d vyou mean car pursuit? I believe helicopters have been replaced by road cameras.

      You just follow in command center, and provide info to road patrols.

    3. Helicopters still have a place in society I was airlifted to the hospital couple year ago was apart of saving my life

    4. @KeNo SourBall yes, but we’re not talking about expunging them from all of society. Just from jobs they are no longer required for.

    1. @turbomunch  I used to be like you
      Still, I don’t believe any religion
      But when you pray from your heart, you will get connected with God
      God is inside everyone
      God is your conscience

    2. ​@This WAYbro you can’t force people to believe in God or any religion bud

  3. The dad’s thumbs up to the pilot was more than a just a thumbs up. He just had so much emotion and relief! Thumbs up in celebration!!❤❤🎉

    1. Never been around a 4 year old have you? They are QUICK! One moment they’re right by you, the next they’re gone in the time it took for you to blink or yawn.

    2. @Ari Halvorsen i’m pretty sure they didn’t leave him unattended,😏but they definitely wasn’t keeping an eye on him for sure.

    3. @ejrillingsmh don’t matter what the topic is you can always count on somebody to be negative, the people don’t feel bad enough they gotta talk trash about them

  4. Gott beschütze jeden unserer kleinen das alle wieder heil und gesund nach hause kommen 😢 armes Kind wie glücklich er gewesen sein muss als er Menschen gesehen hat

  5. Extremely good that the aerial crew and pilot have found this four year old . So daunting and full of praise for all concerned. Parents elated and such a good outcome. Bless everyone.

  6. I cannot imagine the emotional rollercoaster these parents went through😢and how scared the baby was 😭 Thank god he is safe and sound ❤

    1. “God” not (god). I say this, because it is because of God that child was found. God is (never) referred to in lowercase, always uppercase, even if you are referring to (Him) in first, second or third person etc.

  7. 아이가 무사해서 정말 다행입니다.
    저도 이렇게 기쁜데 부모님은 얼마나 좋으시겠어요.

    1. ​@Mackinaw DaddyI think there’s trouble in the translate. Think they meant the/his parents must be so happy. I hope 😅

    2. Google translation is off. Accurate translation of this person’s comment is: “What a great relief that this child was found. If I feel this happy, I can’t imagine how happy the parents must’ve felt.”

    1. ​@merlinhe probably heard people yelling, his parents were probably hysterical with worry. He may have thought he was in trouble. Dont be that guy.

    2. ​@merlinhis reaction doesn’t mean that. He was probably enjoying his freedom. Children may even run from you because they think it’s a game or playing around.

  8. That boy started making progress by keep walking and staying motivated to walk. Instincts are high with this kid. real survivor.

    1. Thats a very insightful takeaway, and you are 100% right.

      I will add that depending on the situation, it can be best to build a central base of operations and stick with an area, but of course i wouldn’t expect a 4 year old to have the know how to do that.
      I simply say it as a just in case for anyone who may run across this comment.

    2. It’s better for a child to stay put if they don’t know which way they should be going. Continuing to walk was what got him so lost they needed a helicopter in the first place.

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