Four missing kids found alive after 40 days in Colombian rainforest | DW News

In Colombia, four children who went missing after a plane crash over a rainforest last month have been found alive. It's the result of a massive rescue operation conducted by the army and volunteers. The children from an indigenous community spent fourty days in the jungle before being found.


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  1. Those kids are something special. They kept the little ones alive!❤ It’s heart breaking that they lost their mum. I know you will do right by these kids Colombia. 🍀
    Kudos to the rescue team.

  2. that 13 and 9 year old really stepped up big time. i mean surviving a plane crash. witnessing 3 deaths one their own mother. and then to survive while taking care of their little family members and themselves for 4 days in a rainforest where everything wants to kill u. the 2 youngest will probably forget in time. but 13 and 9 years old those kids are changed forever…. what a way to grow up fast

  3. How many adults would survive 10 days, let alone 40 days in such a dense jungle. Such brave and courageous children. Examples of never giving up

    1. I reckon they must have foundsome of those food packages, otherwise at least the baby would have starved.

    2. It absolutely helped that they were from a community that had experience with survival. Very impressive by these children!

    3. The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win.” …

  4. They are real heroes of all time. A hope for our and coming generations. What make them (13,9yrs old)outstanding is they protected their 9month old baby all along these 40days. Above all ,the mother of their children deserves credit of all this; as the pilot tell them about the emergency landing , understanding the situation she’s sacrificed her life by protecting her children like a hen protecting its chicks from vultures. Mother ,as you wished they are safe. Columbian government and the search team also played their role well.
    With a lot of pleasure from India ❤

  5. I’m happy for the two older kids for having managed to keep their little siblings alive. their mother would be so proud of them!

    1. the little kids clearly contributed too! If the baby had cried constantly from the distress it was in, likely none of them would have survived. Baby somehow understood what it needed to do to survive & help it’s older siblings, despite it’s discomfort

    2. @Yessica Cachaya I know they saw their mother die, maybe they even watched her body rot for a few days. but they made it.

    3. @Akosi Mj no, because that would require child actors to play that, which would likely traumatise them.

  6. Such wonderful news, the children are so brave and their resilience has kept them alive, sad their parents are gone but wishing the children a good recovery and healing 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

    1. Only the mother. His dad was in the jungle with the rescue team looking for them. He had fleed the area a while ago due to death threats. I believe he was an indigenous activist and they get threaten a lot. And so the mom and kids were later flying to reunite with him and it is when the tragic crash happened.

    2. @Diana Bolanos yes it’s sad what some people are suffering because they use their voice, I hope they can all recover and life gets better for the family 💛🌺👋🏼

  7. What a miracle!, the children are very lucky and blessed.,
    Thank God for letting them survive in such a dense forest. 🙏

    It’s so unfortunate that they lost their mother, anyway, may her soul and others who didn’t survived the crash rest in peace….

    1. Thank God!? If God had anything to do with it, couldn’t he just have prevented the plane crash in the first place?!?🙄

    2. @Micconos one thing we should know, we can’t blame God for our mistakes. Your car will highly get involved in an accident if you fail to fix the breaking system. A plance incident usually occurs when some one decides to fly in bad weather conditions …ect. Therefore we can only be grateful to God if some people can survive such incidents. This is my humble opinion

  8. All collaboration of native people, Colombian army and a search dog made this happen. It’s truly amazing that these children could survive for that long assuming without any survival training at all. Hope Willson will come home soon.

  9. Such a heartbreaking story has to be followed by media, particularly the medical situation of the 11 month old toddler. They were so brave,thank God they were found safe and sound 🙏

  10. Let’s be honest, the 4 and 1 year old owe their lives to not the rescue team but to the 2 older children. Great job.

    1. the older children likewise owe their lives to their younger siblings having the mental capacity to cope with the horrendous situation. Ever seen an 11 month old be quiet & conserve it’s energy when dealing with seperating from it’s mother, it’s food, it’s clean nappies etc etc, not to mention the 16 hours a day of constant rain & how sleep deprived that would have made it, while being eaten alive by bugs. ust incredible that such a young child/baby could understand the need to be calm & endure those conditions without distress!

    2. No one owns respect or praise on this miracle other than God the creator who flew them in His hands from the air. How many carpenters have died and Brocken body parts out of falling from rooftops?

    3. @Dike Ozonze that does not make any sense, if everything is already set in stone why would you thank God

  11. The rescue team did a superb job, and the kiddos did their best to survive this dense area in the Colombian Amazon. May God be praised!

  12. It’s absolutely amazing that they were able to keep each other alive in that situation. They have a lot of intelligence, love, and tenacity in them, and God favors their future.

  13. Devastating that these kids have lost their parents, but what an extraordinary story of survival for the children – I do hope they can find happiness living with the grandparents!

    1. they still have their father, sadly it was the mom who passed in the crash, on their way to meet their father in a different town

  14. What an amazing story. I am sure Colombians will come to the family’s aid. Well done to the rescuers. Just incredible.

  15. I hope we can have more information about how they feed themselves and remain calm in the past 40 days. The eldest kid must have played a vital role. Remarkable kids.

    1. I heard from another report that the 13 year old and maybe the 9 year old were shown survival skills by their grandfather. A necessity as they live in the jungle. Basics like foods they can eat and what not to eat and what plants to avoid. Nothing like shelter building or fire building( that comes later).

    2. How do you feed an 11-month-old baby or how do you avoid dying of hypothermia or how do you not mentally fall apart after surviving a plane crash and falling into the Amazon jungle, which is surely full of predators? I believe that the mental strength of The older children had to take care of their younger siblings. That instinct of wanting to protect their weaker siblings gave them the mental and physical strength above humans to be able to resist 40 days in one of the most dangerous places in the world.

    3. SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🤟🏾🙏🏽🙏🏽

  16. The dedication of the older kids to keep their 1 year old sibling alive is amazing. This would make a great movie when their are recovered.

  17. I’m overjoyed, impressed and terribly sad all at the same time. They are epitomes of resilience. Hope they can move on and be happy

  18. The big sister is an hero. imagine she is a child herself and secures the lives of several people over 40 days in the Columbian jungle. she deserves an honorable mention 💪🥇

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