Gov. Kathy Hochul provides update on missing 9-year-old Charlotte Sena | New York Post

A 9-year-old girl went missing during a bike ride while camping at New York’s Moreau Lake State Park with her family — and police scoured the area for 18 hours before issuing an Amber Alert.

Charlotte Sena, of Greenfield, NY, was enjoying a family outing on Saturday evening when she decided to make one last loop around their picnicking field by herself, Gov. Kathy Hochul said in a press conference Sunday.

Sena, the niece of a local firefighter, set off on Loop A on her bike at around 6:15 p.m., to prove she was “one of the big kids,” but she never came back.

Hochul said the girl’s family was distraught over the sudden disappearance.



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    1. This is almost word for word my same comment!!! Haha defos critiquing the wording harsh but come on, just give us an update! Or a little more info!!

    2. Yet they made sure to put an ad in the beginning so that they could get paid! 🙄

    1. @lurch789 Seems there is one know it all in the comment section. To tell the truth, why don’t you just talk to yourself.

  1. Hope they are looking into the friends. We’ve heard similar stories before and it ends up being the “friends.”

    1. @J&J S Just like the girl who went to the park with a boy and got stabbed to death, and the two little girls who went to play in the woods with the big sister and were stabbed to death, and the girl lured into the woods to play hide and seek with her two friends and was almost stabbed to death. Like I said, we’ve heard it before.

    2. The friends just returned to the cabin with all the other adults while she went on one more loop. They’re also a bit too young for that behavior. That darker stuff starts closer to age 12. @J&J S

    3. They have scoured the surrounding area, pretty sure she would have turned up if the little friends had did something. It does sound weird though that they keep saying that she said she wanted to go around the loop one last time “by herself.” That just sounds weird!

  2. This is the worst nightmare! Put a tracker or apple tag on your kids bike or on their clothes! Crazy predators out there. Trust no one!

    1. That’s why I don’t understand why folks think it’s ok to take your eye off your kids? I never let mine go far from my eyes. Cuz I know we have sick,crazy,perverts out here that got 1 thing on the brain

    2. Absolutely, my sister put one on her senior dog – – if i had kids that would be a no brainer. Prayers!!

    3. Trust in Jesus. If her parents repent to Jesus for their sins and ask for his help, he will make sure she returns to her family. Jesus protects all the little ones whose parents are Christians and worship him.

  3. We all must understand to never leave children alone ever!!! Period. This could’ve been prevented. Cmon!! Hope she’s found alive.

    1. I completely agree with you. When are parents going to understand that there are predators everywhere- lurking, and waiting for their prey.?

    2. ​@Elizabeth Diazseems like you’re projecting, are you like one of those female teachers that tries to get with the boy students?

    3. @Emi Ami Seems you need some psychological help yourself. So far all your comments carry the same accusatory and suspicious negativity.

    4. ​@Emi Amiwhy do you keep commenting to so many people that they are projecting? Maybe you are “projecting” .

    5. ​@Emi Ami😂😂 are you taking psychology 101 and have a test tomorrow about ” projection”? 😂 That’s what your comment sounds to me.

  4. Parents need to watch their children. You don’t let your child go biking by herself and in a state park!!!

    1. @Clark Kentthis actually crossed my mind. . Like who would let their kid bike by themselves in a state park???

  5. We had a scary encounter with a man at a New Mexico state park. The ranger said the state parks are full of lunatics. We had teenagers with us and we wouldn’t let them out of our site. We were heavily armed, and stayed alert. I won’t camp in state parks anymore. Lunatics and homeless people have taken them over. I pray the little girl is found, safe.

  6. I hope they find the missing ASAP. It is always sad when parent children end up missing.
    Sending prayers that she is found ASAP.

    1. Her parents probably told her not to ride alone, they probably didn’t have an idea she was alone until the other kids came back without her. Kids are generally fine without supervision if there is more than one.

    2. That is exactly what I was thinking!! No way would I have let my 9 year old daughter go thur woods on bike trail by herself, never ever! It’s not even safe to let them go down the block, much less in a state forest!!

    3. @Lynn B She was not in the woods, it was a paved road in the open, and she started off with other kids. When she disappeared was when she made the decision to do one last loop on her own.

  7. Never let your children out of your sight when in the boundaries of any state park or national forest. Let people call you paranoid or overprotective or whatever else. They arent the ones responsible for their safety nor are they the ones who will be emotionally mentally physically devastated by the loss.

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