1. The facts we know from survivors telling their stories:

    1. NO sirens were ever sounded. There were NO text messages, no warnings, nothing.

    2. The police blocked or barricaded ALL exits

    and escape routes. Every single one of them! 3. The water was cut off to the fire fighters


    4. The body count has been frozen at 115.

    5. The local morgues ran OUT of body bags on the second day. The local morgue has been full for a month. AND a second temporary morgue has been set up at the police station. BUT HEY… the official count is STILL 115.

    6. Medical personnel have been telling stories of pulling entire families from cars that were trapped in a traffic jam. Maybe if the police HAD NOT blocked the streets they might have made it out.

    7. There are 15 school buses missing and unaccounted for.

    8. There are anywhere from 1000 to 2000 children missing and unaccounted for.

    9. It took FEMA six days to show up. When they did, the first thing they did was confiscate all food/water being given to survivors because “it wasn’t FEMA approved.” The water FEMA has been giving survivors is reported to be making them sick. You can’t make this stuff up.

    10. Survivors are being evicted!

    11. A black curtain has been put up around the city, blocking all view inside the city. 12. No media is allowed into the city, no survivors are allowed in.

    13. The EPA is removing toxic waste in 55 gallon blue drums. Since when has a wild fire been classified as toxic waste???? 14. A church group has been given

    permission to shift the ashes for valuables. No survivors can shift ashes, but this church group has been given special permission. Again, since when is a fire like this classified as TOXIC WASTE hazard????

    15. The police chief is both the police chief AND the medical examiner. Conflict of interest. OH YEAH. Big Time.

    16. This is also the SAME police chief responsible for the infamous Vegas mass shooting that, if you actually LOOK at it, leaves more questions unanswered than answered. BUT HEY… if you just take the officials at face value and “trust the process” it’s all good. Just go back to watching your Netflix and don’t worry about a thing. No need to question anything. Don’t worry about facts or truth or holding anyone accountable. At least that’s how the city officials feel. And that’s how they act.

    17. The EPA is planning on spraying a sealing coat on top of the ashes once they finish removing all the toxic stuff. Once again, since when is a fire like this deemed toxic waste??? The kicker here is this… once this stuff is sprayed and coated, YOU CANNOT DIG IT UP. Let me say that again in case you missed it. The EPA is going to spray the ashes and once they do so (this could be MONTHS from now), you cannot dig it up. HOW are survivors going to rebuild if they cannot dig up the ashes??????

    18. What about survivors who want to go back to THEIR property and search for valuables and anything else? WELL… they’re blocked out. They cannot go back to THEIR OWN PROPERTY. It’s been deemed “too dangerous.” Dangerous? Seriously? You can’t make this stuff up.

    19. Hawaii Electric is both removing all evidence in regards to downed power lines AND they’re changing their story. Now they say the power was SHUT OFF six hours prior to the fire starting. Their story is so convoluted and it keeps changing to the point that I am not seriously following it. I just assume that whatever they say is a lie. 20. During the first press conference, the police chief made two things clear: ONE: NO ROAD BLOCKS were ever set up. TWO, their main enemy is social media. After survivors’ stories started to come out that the roads WERE BLOCKED, the police chief changed his story to “OH! We only blocked SOME of the roads that had downed power lines.” OK… since when is blocking roads during a fire emergency a good idea? And I KNOW the police have the power to contact the electric company to have power to lines SHUT OFF Their main enemy is STILL social media (MSM is ignoring Maui). Social media is the ONLY WAY the truth is coming out.

    Let’s be very, very, very clear here on this one point: MULTIPLE SURVIVORS have stated that ALL the exits were either blocked or barricaded and that the traffic jams were HOURS LONG as in EIGHT HOURS LONG or more. People report seeing cars NOT MOVING all day. OH, one more thing, traffic was being redirected BACK into the city, back into the fire zone. YES, the police redirected traffic BACK into the fire areas.

    HONESTLY, at this point the survivors need to SUE the city and the city officials for gross negligence leading to wholesale manslaughter of the very people they swore to protect. It’s either gross negligence and incompetence or else it’s homicidal planning.

    The death count is likely closer to 1500 to 3000. They are really scrambling the numbers and delaying giving out ANY information to keep these numbers artificially low at 115.

    The big question is WHERE are the missing 1000 to 2000 children? This comes from school rosters showing 3000 kids registered Depending on your source, anywhere from 1000 to 2000 children have been accounted for. This still leaves anywhere from 1000 to 2000 children NOT ACCOUNTED FOR. They’re not even in the death count. So where are they? Oddly enough, there is NO WORD from the city officials on this.

    1. Regarding power lines, it is previously stated Electric Company shut off power 6 hrs before, then blocked roads for downed power lines 🤔

  2. I hope everyone turns off all electronics oct.4 2023 2pm east coast time for like 2 hours i know some of you understand why. We need everyone to be healthy and strong. Even if nothing happens its 2 hours it will be good for all of us to take a break. Go outside. Don’t get DEW’d

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