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  1. Megans done. Harry may be salvaged, if and when he gets over Megan’s hold. But yes, the 2 kids, that’s their next income stream, plain & simple. But H&M, they’re just sickening!

    1. Of course they are, that’s why she had to have the titles acknowledged. IF they were just commoner Americans they aren’t sellable.

    2. @Sheri Wilson Considering American’s do not recognize British (or any) Titles I am wondering how she can monetize them in the US.. Of course she will work something out so we will wait and see what that is.

    3. @sheriwilson3826 
      They are just commoner Americans. Those kids will be so ridiculed by other children because of their parents.
      Come yo think of it, their parents jave the mindset of overgrown children, so no surprise they set their children up like that.

  2. As an American I can confirm we do not 👎 recognize any of the titles for H$M. 🇺🇸 WE LOVE NEIL SEAN ❤️

    1. Their British Royal titles have NO legal status within the USA. And besides, are there ever any ‘formal occasions’ in southern CA, known for it’s casual, (ripped jeans and t-shirts) and ‘anything goes’ lifestyle?

    2. American people don’t have prince the one we called prince was a great singer and Elvis and King 👑 and the queen ❤️ was Tina Turner !! Other wise we have President’s 😅

    3. ​​​@Christina Phillips Yes, Elvis was King, a great singer and a heart of gold! 🇺🇸💕

  3. Nope, using the children isn’t going to help them at all. She is more disliked in America

  4. This is ludicrous! She doesn’t acknowledge the three Wales children’s birthdays’. Yet, she is making an issue now and the fact that no member of the BRF has seen them? Markle has an angle, and a motive and I suspect it will be about money and rehabilitation of her very bad image. However, she has kept them hidden for so long, I don’t think that many people are interesting in her so-called children. Whereas the Wales children have been seen since birth and there is a huge amount of interest in them. Prince Louis was recently called a “National treasure”!

    1. While there is a huge interest in the Wales children they are respectfully left alone for 99.9% of the time which is great! . The whole whoohaa over Mm saying they could not live in the UK because of the Paps chasing their kids for photos was a load of BS.

    2. That’s because she wants them publicly addressed as prince and princess by the royal family.

  5. Have I wondered about the children? No.
    Have I been disgusted by the way the parents have used/abused their children & their children’s privacy to make money for themselves or for better PR for themselves? Yes

    1. Witness signatures of said births & DNA reports before I will believe those children are royal…

  6. Am an American. The vast majority of us don’t like Harry and the wife. We want them to leave us alone and to stop invading our privacy. Thanks, Neil, for all your top-notch reporting!

  7. Well, first they have to prove they are actually their kids. Her brother mocks her ability to have kids. Everything about Archies birth doesn’t add up when you create a timeline. So how are people supposed to care?

  8. Great shame for the alleged children, but they are total strangers to the people of the UK and, as such, hold no appeal!

    1. If MM has not Born this Kids you know why she die Not bring them to GB. DNA is quickly done. She showed the whole World that she is pregnant.

  9. It turns my stomach to think those children could be used as publicity pawns. That’s about as low as you can go. 😢

    1. Why are the REAL parents allowing it. Let’s hope these children , when they grow up, realise how their parents sold them for publicity.

  10. The Wales children have legitimate, legal birth certificates.

    Lily is an American- so she’s not a Princess. Facts

    1. Both children have dual citizenship. British and American. We don’t recognize titles, but the British do.

  11. They “use” different children for photo opportunities. One girl who was used for a “Lilibet” opportunity can be seen in a photo on Meghan’s desk during her 40 x 40 video with Melissa McCarthy—a year before the alleged “Lilibet “ was born. That photo was photoshopped onto another with Misan Harriman’s wide and children…supposedly taken at Frogmore and with Meghan appearing years younger than she did hours earlier in an actual photo from that day. Misan is Meghan and Harry’s favorite photoshopper—oops! photographer!Meghan used varying sizes of foam “moon bumps” to create the illusion she was pregnant—an attempt that failed because the size changed from day to day, popped when she stood up from squatting and slipped down to her knees—all here to see on YouTube. There is a Diana Mary Mountbatten born in California on the alleged Lilibuck’s birthday—no record of Lilibet’s birth. Some say a failed adoption. Photos of Hartford Schroeder and Rebecca Cord have been used to portray “Lilibet.” Why are they using photos of other people’s children?

    1. Glad you are thinking like most of the UK. We are lucky that we don’t have them here permanently.

  12. Let me make this absolutely clear for everyone around the world! We in the United States do not like Harry and Megan!!!! We don’t want them!!

    1. Amen! I thought it ridiculous for them to move here! If they had long term plans, to see how things would turn out, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE (and I doubt even that) they’d have stayed there, and moved to Africa where they could have all the privacy they wanted, of course w/o all the “trappings” of royal life!

    1. He did call her Lili, albeit Princess Lili. Still, grateful for small favors as Neil avoiding using the Queen’s nickname.

    1. Especially since the children aren’t Viper’s. They might be Henry’s biological children if the IVF clinic used his little swimmers and if they grab hold.

  13. No PR can ever undo what they did to Prince Philip as he lay dying and to The Queen while she was dying of bone cancer. Despicable people.

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