More than 500 West Maui students still aren’t re-enrolled in school

Free school bus service has been launched for students.

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  1. How many parents are not reenrolling students because they think its unsafe until soil and air samples are taken?

  2. Where are the students? Where are the missing buses? Why did they took the plates off while driving away during the fire?

    1. Buses and students aren’t missing. Geez don’t buy a bridge in Brooklyn. We
      Have students on Hawaii Island that came over from Maui who are claimed to be missing guess what they’re not missing. No missing buses.

    2. I really hope so. I’m looking forward to seeing that they are all safe and sound in another school, or state, and the numbers align.

  3. Only 2 child fire victims identified. How many are found (bodies) but are not yet identified? I personally know a lawyer. Lawyers think and speak differently… it’s how they win in court.

    1. Data??? I’m trying to share lesser-known stories and truth. TOTALLY FINDING NOTHING WHEN I SEARCH EXCEPT OLD VIDEOS [30+ days old]. NO UPDATES.

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