My Roommate is Missing!

Something bad has happened to my best friend! I checked Daniel's bed and he's not there but there is a blood stain on his pillow. He's been missing for days now and we don't know where he is. We suspect our stalker has done something horrible. Thankfully, my wife Vy has 'track my app' on all of our iPhones so we follow the map to where Daniel's phone is. We discover that he is inside a mysterious house in our neighborhood. All the doors are locked and there are cameras surrounding the premises so we use some of Vy Qwaint's stealthy spy skills to trick and cameras and sneak into the house without being seen. Upon getting inside we encounter a dangerous looking person wearing a black hoodie. Is this our stalker, Klepto99, that has kidnapped Daniel or is this some random but dangerous stranger living here? We explore the house while trying not to get caught. Will we find our friend? Is he safe?

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