1. This is literally my worst nightmare as a father. May this young girl be delivered safely back to her parents and may her abductor be given zero mercy.

    1. @Clark Kent
      I know that usually kidnapping does indeed involve a family member, from what I understand, that’s not the case here. Which makes the need to find her all the more urgent.

    1. You always want to hope, but frankly, the officer likely has knowledge that doesn’t make it look good. They believe that she’s been taken from the park, the park entrance is right next to the section of the park she was last seen in, and the park entrance is located on a state route. It’s been too long, and the mystery isn’t becoming clear, but instead growing deeper. They’ve also found her bike, and no her. She didn’t make it so far away on foot that even dogs can’t follow her scent.

      You always want to hope, but there comes a point where reality doesn’t align with what we want, and then it’s more effective to accept that and change our approach to our solutions.

    2. @irving berlindon’t blame God. This precious little girl should NEVER had been allowed to bike ride by herself! Parents have a responsibility to protect their children. If something happens to that baby, they’ll be living with guilt for the rest of their lives.

  2. We have camped with our children for years and this was always my nightmare. My children rode their bikes freely around the camp. I pray for her safety and for strength for her family.

  3. I pray she is returned and found alive. Let us hope she went after an animal or bird or something. If not I pray the abductor would release her near there on the roadside or a Walmart or store or street light.

    1. Was just on my phone. As don’t kbow layout of this campground, if assessible to a vehicle, where she riding, so no bike was found, & long gone. , anywhere, Tracking dogs not able to track a vehicle,.. these cases usually don’t have good ending, hope not so !!

  4. Seems like she was lured to the spot, but even the bicycle made add some details: was it laying on the ground “topsy turvy” or was “parked” by the side of the road ? or standing against some tree ? First scenario would point to a violent abduction, second would imply some sort of deception

    1. I don’t know about that, but I do think someone was most certainly watching them, unnoticed, and looking for an opportunity for her to be alone.

    2. ​@patrickc3419 I agree. From what the article was saying was that she was with the other children the first time around, and then she went by herself. Someone was watching that was way too convenient. I think it could’ve been any of them she just happened to be the one alone, unfortunately. I also believe that they shouldn’t rule out an animal attack. She’s only 90 pounds. That’s nothing for a bear, wolf, or cat and possibly coyotes they are all opportunistic animals.

  5. The devil is hard at work in the world. These sick predators need to be locked up and never see the light of day. Prayers that she is alive & recovers from this trauma.

  6. Damn parents left her alone to ride a bike in a heavy wooded area smfh…don’t leave your young children alone outdoors ANYWHERE!, There’s predators in human society and the wild that will ALWAYS be there

    1. I said the same thing. You can’t trust people or the wildlife. I notice nobody is thinking this could’ve been an animal attack. I don’t know what wildlife they have there, but a 90-pound girl would be easy for a bear, wolf, or cat and possibly coyotes. I pray she is returned home 😢

  7. Are amber alerts going out properly? My husband and I did not get one, we live upstate. I have seen several other people saying the same thing.

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