Oprah FREAKS OUT After 15 Kids Are FINALLY Found On Maui

Oprah FREAKS OUT After 15 Kids Are FINALLY Found On Maui
Rumors continue to follow Oprah, with yet another round of speculation. According to the rumors, Navy Seals have successfully located some of the missing children who were tragically lost in the recent fire. However, there are still some children unaccounted for. So in light of Oprah's alleged past involvement in similar incidents, some individuals are now raising questions about her possible connection to this supposed latest tragedy.

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  1. Who media to be trusted here? Let everyone talks..it’s ok! We could figure out who’s misleading us or Not. We’re all adults here.

  2. BC in Canada is turning into Maui, the cops are not letting people have food or water and not letting go on certain roads. It’s getting bad here in Canada 🇨🇦 too 😢. WE NEED OUR FREEDOM EVERYWHERE!!

    1. @Gussy Gatlin Tyvm we have people standing there ground with Canadians across the country helping out but those dam police officers won’t let us help our fellow Canadians it’s sad.

    2. @Melody My heart is there with y’all. We are all in this mess together and I love all of you guys just like you are Americans. 😌🥰🥰

    3. @Gussy Gatlin Americans and Canadians always have each other’s back, even in the 2022 convoy freedom rally and all Canadians across the country went to parliament and we went to the border and served food and hot chocolate and coffee for the American truckers having our backs.

  3. Where are the arrests for mass murder, corruption, and genocide, if these people are not prosecuted insurrection may well follow!

  4. I’m praying that the 15 FOUND.. inform on the whereabouts of the other children 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  5. Everyone can’t wait to see the reboot of the color purple, promoted by oprah!!! There’s that.I wouldn’t go for free!!!! Getting their purple outfits together, disgusting!!!!

  6. Wild fire? first time i ever heard of a “wild Fire” being used to describe a sea side village (loaded with humidity) burn to the ground,and yet BLUE Umbrellas undamaged .Also the first time in this century that fires actually melted Aluminum

    1. We are 3 years into “This” century – saying “century” isn’t making a good point, however, most people would just agree without thinking about it.

  7. Are you saying 15 children from Lahaina were found on Oahu?!?!?!?!?! Where are the parents and their voices?!?!?!
    Wayyyyy toooo mannnnnny questions. 🤯

  8. Who took the kids? Who drugged the kids? Who put the kids in cages? What sort of horrors have they been through. Tragic
    Just tragic! 😔😪🙏

  9. So why the relief organisation led by Winfrey is not being investigated, if they were there TAKING ‘care’ of the children?

    1. The rich don’t get investigated they get help. God is watching all our deeds. I pray for the ppl who are suffering.

    1. Guilty of what? When lies are spread and people believe those lies they take hold in a way to diminish peoples character, Oprah has resources and I don’t think that she would stoop down so low as to do this to children. God help those who spread untruths! I pray that Oprah will stop trying to help people who are blatantly lying on her. The whole truth will come out and many will be shocked.

  10. I was sitting in the Maui airport a few years ago a few seats away from a local guy while waiting for a plane to the Big Island. This fellow was telling the person he was talking to on the phone how his daughter was working at Oprah’s estate. He said his daughter told him that Oprah demanded that the employees of her estate bow when she walked by them. He said he told his daughter “You don’t bow to anyone, especially one of those.”
    That is a true story.

  11. Thank god they found these children , now the truth will come out. Its time for people to stand up and show these people for who they really are. 🙏

  12. If this is real, and the seal team did in fact find those kids, the the most logical conclusion is “THE GOV KNOWS THE KIDS WERE TAKEN” no way a seal team just shows up out of no where

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