Ruby Franke’s Missing Children Found | Police Bodycam

Youtube 'mom-fluencer' Ruby Franke was arrested on child abuse after her son escaped their home and ran to a neighbor for help. New bodycam footage shows what happened after as police went looking for Franke's other children not in the home but with a family friend. Pam Bodtcher was questioned about how she got two of Franke's children and how close she is to the family.

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    1. There were lots of things about this interview that were red flags to me. If my friend was abusing children and I did not know about it, I promise you I would be acting totally different. The last thing I would expect children to do that were under this type of trauma is clean for me.

    1. When I heard him – He was so beyond kind- He didn’t want to say certain words in front of him/. And he trying no to cry- That was heartbreaking- The neighbor is a good guy for sure

    2. I can imagine he had to think how could all this be going on right next door. Hope they’re ok

    3. He will never be okay. After he hears everything that has happened, just like we will at one point when all of this is over. The reason for this is because he is going to play this over and over in his head. The only way he will be okay, is if he does not go on the internet, or reads his local paper. He as 30 day’s to deal with what is chronic stress, than it has the possibility of turning into PTSD, and he will probably be asked to testify in court at some point.

    4. ​@Cherry Herr
      “He will never be ok.” Um, you don’t know that and even then you shouldn’t say things like that. He WILL be ok.

  1. I pray that neighbor gets some help seeing that is tough and he must feel guilty because he said he knew things were happening I can’t imagine. She and her friend need to both be locked up for life. Disgusting. To bad we can’t lock them in a safe.

  2. This pam women didnt even have any real shock or disgust on her face or in her voice or emotions. 100 miles away? She knows way more than she is saying.

    1. Yeah her first thought when hearing there’s a “family emergency” was to have them scrub her floors one last time. She dgaf

  3. Why are they not holding the father responsible? Where has he been and why did he give up being a parent?

    1. Pretty probable the dad is way more aware of what was going on than he wants anyone to know. Just how upset he is over their daughter taking anything out of the house (such as electronic devices) that could possibly have any information is suspect to me. Hoping there will be a lot of follow up on him.

    2. He’s busy trying to get one of their other kids arrested for robbery because she took some stuff out of her own house. 🤬

  4. The woman said she was planning on taking them home tonight like they lived down the road and not several hundred miles away. Someone tipped her off. She was not the least bit surprised that the children were locked up in a safe.

    1. “In a safe?” Like being locked up didn’t phase her but the safe part did. She knew way more than she’s letting on. Terrible.

    2. They were locked in a “safe room”, not a safe. If you picked 100 random people off the street and told them some children were found locked in a safe, probably most of them would say “in a safe??”

    3. Did you watch the video? She was shocked they they were locked in a safe. Not that they were abused, not that they were locked up…. That they were locked in a safe. It’s clear in the video.

  5. Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that this woman says she picked them up because “she needed house cleaning.” !!!

    1. Yeah this woman is guilty too…why would you pick someone’s kids up to clean your house. Just sick and sad….I hope they took those kids away from her.

    2. These were exactly my thoughts ! These kids are no more than her slave labor. She didn’t pick them up to ” watch” them, or be kind during a family ” emergency “, she was using these kids ! Another selfish toad in this cesspool of violence

  6. The sheer fact she wasn’t phased when told the parents were arrested for abuse – she knew full well what was happening within her “program”.

    1. ​@the fry basket yet her first thought when hearing there was a “family emergency” was to have them scrub her floors one last time.

    2. That woman Pam also needs to be charged with child abuse for making Ruby’s children to help her cleaning her house like slaves or forced labors.

    3. The daughter was there to help scrub her floor and clean her house! Yea, she knew and she’s fine with what was happening.

  7. That poor neighbor, what must he have been seeing to be unable to speak. It must have been awful. And he searched so hard for words that wouldn’t upset the child.

  8. Pam 100% knows the kids were in that horrendous abused state ,she knew Jessi Hidebrandt was in that abused state also as a young teenager instead of reporting the abuse she guarded Jessi like a dog for Jodi so she couldn’t escape the abuse

  9. I love how the son sticks up for his dad saying “dad’s not mean”.

  10. When I was 12 – a half century ago – I called DFCS about what was happening to my best friend’s little brother. They listened to me, but the mom was so furious that they visited her, things only got worse. My guilt was tremendous.

    His life ended up being tragic in so many ways. He was in jail and prison for decades. None of his crimes were violent, which was a miracle given the nature of his abuse. (He was an addict.)

    He died a few months ago – and his big sister and brother never saw anything wrong with how their mom treated him. (The dad looked the other way.)

    Now? It’s not hard to imagine other abusive parents across the nation battening down the hatches to prevent their hurt kids from escaping.

    The things I saw as a girl have all been rushing back. My own Mom was very ill then, but we never knew anything but love. It’s still so hard to believe anyone can be cruel period, much less to innocent children and animals, too.

    Rest in peace, Phillip.

    1. this is so sad. May he be resting in peace now. I have only heard negative stories ever about DFCS, just no nothing positive ever like actual change. we should almost not even bother if we’re not going to fund these programs and train people to actually help. this is all so sad.

    2. As a kid that was abused, I would’ve wanted you to call. At least you tried, most people don’t.

  11. Just a reminder, NEVER talk to the police/detectives without a lawyer. Doesn’t matter the circumstances, NEVER talk to them. You have a RIGHT to remain silent, you have a RIGHT to an attorney, these guys will lie to you, manipulate you snd twist everything you say to fit THEIR narrative.

    1. She wasn’t under arrest, she was detained until they found out what was going on. Legally there’s a difference.

  12. Kids are not putting up with bad parenting as we did in the past. That,s good news. Love the man who was so upset , he needs our gratitude.

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