Russian Mutiny, Cleveland’s Missing Children, PTSD Awareness, Mother & Son Murder Charges Dropped

6.26.2023 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Russian Mutiny, Cleveland's Missing Children, PTSD Awareness, Mother & Son Murder Charges Dropped

It's been a tumultuous 36 hours for Russia as it faces possible civil war and mutiny. We'll speak with an independent journalist in Kyiv to give us the latest news.

The United States Supreme Court paves the way for a second majority-Black congressional district in Louisiana. We'll examine how the high court's dismissal will impact the 2024 elections.

What's happening with the surge of missing children in Cleveland, Ohio? The police chief says misinformation is causing panic. We'll speak with folks from the Cleveland Family Center for Missing Children and Adults about the rising number of missing children cases.

A Chicago mother and son are no longer facing murder charges. Prosecutors believe the child was protecting his mother. We'll tell you what the Chicago attorney general's office had to say about it.

It's PTSD awareness month, and in tonight's Fit Live Win segment, we'll speak with a therapist about the signs and symptoms.

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