Summer Wells: Tennessee girl missing after 2 years | NewsNation Live

It’s been two years since 5-year-old Summer Wells vanished without a trace from a small town in Tennessee.

Recently, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released an age-progressed photo showing what Summer would look like today. They said there is currently no new information to make public, but they are continuing to chase down leads in the case.

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  1. Summer is still in my prayers along with her parents, loved ones, church family and community as well as law enforcement to bring this tragedy to justice. God bless Summer & parents.

    1. Summer’s parents are the main reason she has been missing for two years and Summer and her brothers were growing up in an abusive household with two abusive parents Don is a Chomo who was SA Summer,

    2. @MirenaVlad I’m sure but not as positive as I am about her disgusting mother. I originally said both her parents know then edited to just say her mom. Her mom was there when it happened and the dad was at work so that’s why I said what I said.

  2. it’s been 2 years??????? wtf man. the mom & grandma know something i’ll always feel this way. this is so sad man

    1. If the mom and grandma “know something”, then wouldn’t those 3 boys know something too? That makes no sense that 3 children who were removed from the parents wouldn’t have disclosed something vital over time. I think that since they haven’t, it supports their innocence.

    2. @D NorthernThe Boys did not go to the hospital for Grandus. Did not go to the smoke shops, swimming hole, grocery store, was not involved with planting flowers…. Most likely not paying attention as they were engaged with their video games. But I do wonder why, their son, stated to Don it’s not my fault. And who is to say the boys haven’t said anything to LE and Therapist. Possibly why LE stated, we have nothing new for the PUBLIC! Time will tell.

    3. I have a strong feeling the parents know what happened to her. Mom has no emotion for her child. Moms don’t act like that when they love their child or children. They would go above and beyond for their child or children.

  3. That looks luke the age progression of a thirteen year old not a seven year old. And in my opinion…Don and Candus know exactly what happened to Summer two years ago today.

    1. honestly yeah it looked too mature. my 8 year old is currently rocking only half of one of his front teeth sticking out and the other has no signs of popping through the gumline yet. my 7 year old just now finally got his first wiggly tooth. that age progression looked very similar to my 12 year old / 5th grade school portrait in terms of teeth and facial structure

    2. If Summer’s parents were involved in the disappearance, those 3 boys would have surely provided evidence over the past 2 years that they have been in state custody. The fact that Don and Candus were never arrested for anything makes me think that the boys’ accounts of that afternoon match theirs.

  4. Candus needs to be interrogated! She was all over social media in a drunken live saying she wants to tell what happened! #FindSummerWells

  5. The parents KNOW what happened; they were both involved with iffy people, and the abduction was payback, pretty plain to see.

  6. That Age progression does Not look like Summer! It looks older than Summer would be also!

  7. The mom had something to do with it. Why would you get upset about being interrogated if you had nothing to do with it. Their just trying to get to the bottom of it.

  8. They know what happened they always have. These people are horrible excuses for parents. They lie about everything.

    1. How do you know that?? Lots of people making assumptions about them… pd would have figured out by now if any family took part.

  9. The parents most definitely know something and I don’t understand why they’re not being held accountable at all .. childhood endangerment, child neglect .. SOMETHING !!!!? But nothing at all is absolutely ridiculous! The police and law-enforcement have most definitely failed Summer! ITS A SHAME!

    1. You’re 💯! I just posted a comment about how much time and resources are going into the little boy in Texas, why didn’t they do that for this sweet child??

    2. In this country we absolutely hold child killers accountable. These parents have been examined under a microscope and still no charges after 2 years. I guarantee LE have pulled out all the stops to find out what happened, but if she wandered away or was abducted by someone not on LE’s radar then it may take a long time to get answers. You, having seen none of the evidence, know a whole lot less than LE who have seen all the evidence. 0 charges against the parents in 2 years should be a wake up call that you’re probably wrong about them, but instead of admitting you’re wrong you blame police incompetency. 🤦 I see this in case after case where the popular SM story is wrong v just say LE is covering up or they’re incompetent. No, you’re just wrong.

    3. We should try to be hopeful. We don’t know what law enforcement are doing or what they got. It’s to early to tell, sometimes these cases take years. I feel like we should be supportive and encouraging to law enforcement, all the negativity is not serving anyone. I’m sure they have a very difficult job.

  10. Summer Wells needs to be found and needs justice! Please don’t give up on this beautiful baby girl! Someone(s) in that hollar know what happened. Please don’t stop investigating this and searching for answers!
    Also, the age progression photo looks nothing like Summer imo, children don’t change all that much from 5 to 7 years old, and that photo looks like an entirely different person. Summers nose was wider, her eyes are further apart and even her forehead and hairline are different.
    Summer is beautiful!
    Please find Summer!
    Justice for Summer!
    Prayers for Summer!

  11. I don’t understand how children just disappear?!!! Makes absolutely no sense, and it’s heartbreaking 😢

  12. I’m so glad someone is still talking about Summer and that she hasn’t been forgotten.
    I noticed that Don said he’s hoping he’ll “be with her” again and not that he’ll “see” her again. I think he’s felt all along that she is deceased:(

  13. Who ever did that age progression picture needs to find another job. Poor Summer such a sad horrific life her & her brothers lived, I believe that everything happens for a reason & she ultimately saved her brothers lives. God works in mysterious ways.

  14. Brian Entin is a phenomenal reporter! He always goes over and beyond. This is such a sad case. I hope Summer will be found! 💔

    1. I was wondering the same thing because Brian always gets to the bottom of thing and he is prepared and not scared.

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