1. Okay but golden Freddy makes no sense because golden Freddy is possessed by a girl named Cassidy

    1. Are we sure that Cassidy isn’t just the name for CC and we’ve been completely wrong this whole time? I mean in the logbook there’s quite literally a code that when deciphered and unscrambled you get “GF LUIS” not to MENTION that I’m pretty sure Cassidy in the logbook is altered text, not faded. I mean we literally solve his name using Altered Text.

  2. -Grant Feely had to dye his hair for the film
    – Unlike the other ghost kids, he’s a strong supporting character
    – He’s in front, seemingly leading them like Cassidy did in Five Nights 3( not saying this is Cassidy but they’re both Golden Freddy kids)
    – They weren’t hiding Tophat if Mike had fully turned around he would’ve been covering up Foxyhook( this what I’m calling these kids cause I hate the names in game)
    – Looking at the 4K trailer, The Chica girl is wearing a crude makeshift bib, not just a yellow shirt so they ALL have accessories
    – he has no accessories, just a brown and yellow striped shirt
    – Tophat isn’t wearing yellow and purple (saw someone say it in a video)
    So we got Bunny ears(Bonnie) Tophat (Freddy) and Bibgirl (Chica) Foxyhook ( Foxy) and what has to be, looking at the information, Golden Freddy being the blond boy.

    1. @PineStateCinema
      Scott literally said this in the past it was just a creepy face he used to freak out players, it’s not The One’s actual face

      Oh yeah and

      Ghost kid 1 was never, EVER stated to be based of The One so you’re consuming misinformation

    1. @𝓓𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓪 but it’s really not their fault. children were ordinary, kind and good until William killed them. Have you forgotten that William makes these children evil?

  3. 🐻: 👦🏻 name: gabriel
    🐰: 🧒🏿 Name: Jeremy
    🐤: 👧🏼 Name: Susie
    Golden 🐻: 👧🏻 name :cassidy

  4. For everyone confused on the golden Freddy not being a Cassidy part, I’ll sum it up for you.

    In the five nights at Freddy’s games, we are led to believe golden Freddy is possessed by a vengeful spirit named Cassidy (Aka-the one you should not have killed). Something that supports this is from the log books. Where in faded texts on some pages you can see what appears to be Cassidy talking to the crying child ( also called Evan, CC, and Chris. So many different names).

    However, in the books (the silver eyes, twisted ones, and the fourth closet. which is completely separate from the games), golden Freddy is shown to be possessed by a boy named Micheal brooks. Although Cassidy does still exist and possess an animatronic, she does not posses golden Freddy.

    It is most likely that Scott and the directors of the film decided to lean more towards the book version and use someone else who isn’t Cassidy.

    (The frickin research I had to do y’all. Most of this I already knew but I still had to do some.)
    Live writing long Fnaf explanations

    1. tldr:

      games GF is Cassidy
      Novel triology GF is Michael (Not Michael Afton)
      Faz frights GF is both Jake and Andrew

  5. 1. The Kid with a Top Hat is Gabriel.
    2. The Blonde Kid is Cassidy.
    3. The Kid with a Bunny Ear Hat is Jeremy.
    4. The Only Girl with Blue eyes is Susie.
    5. The Kid with a Hook is Fritz.

    I feel sorry for them. They were tricked by Afton and killed by him before end up inside the Animatronics and becom his Pawns.

    1. ​@Nethum FernandoCassidy does not have a confirmed canon gender (only theories) yes Cassidy is a generally female name plus the movie is different from the games

  6. Bonnie died while fighting for his life
    Freddy died while hiding
    Foxy died while running
    Chica died while screaming
    And golden Freddy died because his head got decapitated

    1. Now I got it mixed up I’M CONFUSED WHY DA HECK DID I LISTEN TO THAT ONE COMMENT THAT SAID “freddy died screaming that’s why he has a microphone” BRUU

  7. 👦🏿🐻: Gabriel (top hat)
    🐰👦🏿 :Jeremy
    Gf🧸👧🏻:Cassidy in movie(lil boy with blonde hair)

  8. I’m suprised how Jeremy actually started throwing hands with William before he died and turned into bonie

    1. @AkiLogg blud if you know FNAF lore, Bonnie was the most aggressive and violent. Bonnie threw hands at William.

  9. Bonnie:I AIN’T GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT 🤛✊🤛✊🤛✊✊👊✊🤛✊🤛👊✊👊✊🤛✊🤛✊👊✊👊✊🤛✊🤛✊👊🤛✊🤛✊👊✊👊✊🤜✊✊👊👊✊

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