Tom Hanks’ Son Exposes Dad’s DISTURBING Role In Maui Fires

Tom Hanks’ Son Exposes Dad’s DISTURBING Role In Maui Fires.
"There's a lot of advantages but sometimes it can be pretty weird," he said. "I got to do a lot of cool s–t that a lot of people don't get the opportunity to do. I got to travel the world, stay in nice hotels, fly on private planes and I'm very blessed for that. I wouldn't change my situation." Regardless of the good, chet claimed he understood that stardom had its drawbacks, but he claimed he felt bad when his parents took him to a very harsh rehab where he went through alot and no one was on his side or understood him.Before closing out, Chet promised that he will always give the "whole truth" about his life in Hollywood and that there is more to come.

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  1. Totally believable. I’m shocked to find this proposal on YouTube. It’s been so highly censored over the last 5 years.

    1. I feel the exact same way, it is like since when did this type of events not get the utmost censorship and now I can go to my feeds in all social media outlets and you get real and raw video clips from survivors and many other content creators and no issue with their vids getting plenty of views and awareness. It is like “they” want more people to know to add more trauma to the collective, making it much easier to break us down further.

  2. It’s not far right lady. It’s working class Americans and they see through all this. They see through you too.

    1. @Troy Nope, listen to the words and the tone she uses. She would not have to phrase things the way she does either, if she were simply trying to avoid censorship. So she’s either doing this get clickbait views through titillation, or she set it up to try to discredit the theories.

  3. Why in the hell would they want to turn Maui into a 15 minute smart city? Who do they think will come? When I go there, I go there to forget about the time unless I have a dinner reservation. This whole thing is so sickening. Every last detail/conspiracy/situation.

  4. She is not an islander. Decisions for the island should be made by the indigenous people of that island and its long term residents which does not include Oprah or Johnson. They don’t get to decide or have an input in those decisions

    1. I Agree 100% If They want to Show some Real Character Give that Money Right Now Directly to The People who Lost Everything including their Children! Because they wont Shows Exactly Who they REALLY ARE and its DISGUSTING

    2. @david jones for one the strength they posses in unity and the unwillingness to fold and give in. Any state could do the same but don’t.

  5. I will always remember the faces in the crowd when Ricky Gervais roasted them at the Golden Globes. Tom Hanks was the biggest prude.

    1. because Ricky struck a nerve. He was talking about Hanks and others.Hopefully they have all been dealt with and we just arent aware….. yet

  6. The theory is not that the lasers were programmed to not burn anything blue, the theory is that a blue diode laser was used, which will not burn anything blue. You can find demonstrations on youtube of how the lasers will not burn whatever color the laser diode is.

    1. but blue lasers are one of the least capable in burning stuff, its red and green that have lots of burning power
      that is the case in handheld laser though.
      maybe it doesnt matter when laser are used that are 1000s of watt

  7. It is incredible what greed will do. My prayers are for the Native people who lost everything including family and friends.

    1. ​@John Boscogolvitchi pray u find eternal salvation sir. please know hell is forever and God loves you and doesn’t want that for you

    2. @Robyn Chesser I already found it. It was here all the time. As a practicing Christian, I believe we are free to choose. Hindu, Buddhist, Muslin, Catholic or atheist, there are infinite paths to accepting Jesus as your personal lord and savior.

    3. @Robyn Chesser I have met many who do not feel they are Americans. They are waiting for independence. They are well armed.

  8. I’m surprised no one is taking about the missing children especially since these same people have suspected of child trafficking.

    1. Here in America they are stopping trucks with children in cages…. Where are they taking the children??? Work farms??sex farms ?

    2. @Shera reeducation camps with a side of sex slavery just like her schools in afrukah. I wonder if they’re told their parents are dead, etc, so you’re going to stay here for 2 weeks, which of course turns into 2 more weeks etc.?

  9. What’s sad about all of this is It’s not unexpected the rich Get what they want, and they don’t care who they walk over. Or who they kill , 114 innocent people may have died. So the wealthy can get what they want. How disgraceful may they answer for it when they pass away, may God hold them accountable. I hope their conscience bothers them for the rest of their lives if they have one. Go ahead, rich, get all you want. You can justify in the end.

    1. 114 is being nice, last I heard there are 2000+ missing children, which any of those still living are likely in celebrities basements.

    2. THE WEALTH OF THE WICKED IS LAID UP FOR THE RIGHTEOUS ” JESUS CHRIST . Also ” Woe to those who call evil good & good evil “

  10. I hope the people of Maui have the strength to fight to keep their land , and not let these evil people take it from them.

    1. We need private flights for mercenaries with weapons to defend the natives and their lands. The locals should have a bonfire of Oprah’s property and any other “elite” property starting with their precious mansions.

  11. It’s always the coverup that makes these evil people look horrible. Give them a proper trial and put them in jail like the crooks they are.

  12. This makes me sick. All those poor natives and their friends and families 😔
    America has lost its heart. That’s for Damn sure

  13. Where are the children? I cannot believe the parents are not raising hell about their kids!! I would be demanding answers ! I would be interogating officials one by one until I got some answers when they see a few hanging in the middle of town somebody will start talking. it wouldn’t be a month later with my kids missing! WTF. people!!

    1. I completely agree I saw one video where the people were trying to go through a blockade and a woman was screaming MY CHILDREN… . 2000 kids missing??
      God will get them.,

  14. I saw a video were it showed completely blackened bodies that were lying around in an open street just charred beyond recognition, there also appeared to be charred bodies in cars that were just piles of char….if anyone did this on purpose or had any foreknowledge they deserve a fate much worse than the fallen……

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