Tunnels under Maui OVER 2000 CHILDREN GONE?! Oprah & Elite have luxury underground DOOMSDAY BUNKERS!

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Continuing coverage into the Maui inferno attack. Mysteries surround the Lahaina fires, and officials are lying to the public. Underground tunnels discovered under Maui…children still unaccounted for, grossly under represented death toll, school busses missing, officials resign, where does it end? Elite luxury underground doomsday bunkers are more popular than ever and apparently on back order. It makes you wonder what is going on beneath our feet, and what all is truly being hidden from humanity, right in plain sight.

More than ever we need to pursue what is right and continue fighting for Divine Justice and Truth! United we stand divided we fall! We the people for the people. It's time the ones in power are held accountable, it makes me happy to see people finally waking up. Speak your truth even when your voice shakes, we have to back the people of Maui in their plight, and ask the right questions. Like why won't officials tell us where the children are and why is the math just not mathing? Come explore some strange information I've been unearthing in my endless seeking of illumination.

Down down the rabbit hole we go, where it leads nobody knows. Forever seeking truth, this is an evidence based and backed video.

All videos on this channel are for entertainment purposes only.

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