Madeline Soto’s aunt: Missing 13-year-old Florida girl wouldn’t run away

Leticia Nunez, Madeline Soto's aunt, said the family is understandably worried about her niece — and where she is. Madeline Soto was reportedly dropped off at school Monday morning, but there's no record that she made it to class. Nunez said they're hopeful that she's with someone she knows.

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    1. I’d bet the farm she’s no longer alive.
      Single mothers constantly put their kids in danger by bringing men who aren’t the father into their homes.

    2. @@Lisa-xm4bw Yeah, the culture keeps telling women to divorce if they aren’t 100% happy all the time and to do whatever they want. Men tend to provide the protection and safety for the family, but the women gullible enough to fall for the evil lies in society want the easy way out of everything. They don’t take responsibility, dump it all on the men, then get new men who may not have the family’s best interests at heart (and why would they, when they get a second-hand family with a woman that broke her oath and didn’t care what problems it caused for her own kids?).

    1. I know I often dropped my kids off down the street because they could walk in faster than I could get through with a car. Too many inconsiderate kids and parents block the way and take all the time in the world. My kids asked me why some of the cars sit there so long after the kids got out. I told them, “I guess their parents are still trying to make sure their kids are still kids, but it’s like watching a pot of water try to boil. Either way, let’s not wait for it.”

    2. ​@@RevToxthe parents probably want to make sure their kid gets INTO the building before they leave? That’d be my guess 🤷

    1. Very tragic. EVERYONE needs to do better with their young kids. SO grateful I came up in a solid stable & loving family. It is exactly why I was able to heal myself all on my own (drinking, tobacco consumption( IT IS A CURSE!

  1. Something happened similar to this near my neighborhood. The step dad was recording the girl when she would go in the bathroom to shower etc. something happened and he killed her and dropped her off at the entrance of my neighborhood which 5 years ago was just being built. The beast went to the vigils, cried and all the 9 yards however about a week or two later he was arrested and later convicted of her murder. He pretended to write an email from her to her friends saying she wanted to run away but the cops discovered that when the email was written she was at school so it couldn’t have been her.
    In this case, the fact that they found she said she wanted to run away into the woods sounds sus I bet it’s this one guy who wrote it to construct the idea that she simply ran away

  2. In the current climate of crime today dropping off a child near but not at her school is BS. Something smells fishy.

  3. The bf could of seen her after she got dropped off & she could of easily left with him again.
    I HOPE THEY FIND HER. THIS IS LIKE the AUDRII CUNNINGHAM story getting dropped off but never made it to SCHOOL. :(((( I HOPE THEY FIND MADDY.

  4. The pervert called Mom’s boy friend. Mothers are too gullible. So called male companion are deceptive and calculating. I think he knows something and he’s not telling. I ask for forgiveness if I’m wrong. But I’m upset that yet again another baby girl is missing.

  5. That moms boyfriend could have put the message about living in the woods just to keep them off suspecting him !

  6. Only 13 she looked so abused and a sad girl victim in her own home, it seems mommy didn’t notice her child’s pain but allowed him to take her to school. 😮😢🙏

  7. It must be terrible for the family but why did Jenn Soto tell Fox that “we” dropped her off at the church? She said “we” several times in an interview. Who says “we” if it was just the boyfriend who allegedly dropped her off at that church? The mom also said it’s right by the school. Google maps shows it’s half a mile. Strange case.

  8. I blame the mother as well, having a random guy living in the same home with a little girl without a full background check of the guy us very irresponsible and crazy !!!

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