Missing Child | Where is little Joslin Smith?

The mother of a missing six-year-old child in the Diazville area, in Saldanha Bay is pleading for her safe return. The search for Joslin Smith is in its fifth day. She was last seen on Monday morning when she was left in the care of her mother's boyfriend. eNCA's Nobesuthu Hejana reports. Courtesy #DStv403


  1. Dear Jesus
    I bring Joslin before your throne of grace, we know there is nothing you cannot do, you are a mighty God who has the power to move mountains, I pray that you will move the heart of whoever is responsible for her disappearance.
    Remember her wherever she is right now, may your angels attend to her. She is your daughter and you formed her in her mother’s womb.
    Hear our humble prayer in Jesus name, Amen!

    1. Yes, they know he knows they just need to “speak ” to him for a few minutes l wish they would say his name and face! Seen him and heard they seem very sus ,glad we got to see him and his hiding anymore

    1. i do not believe that he’d unalive her, personally i think he sold her for money. And i also do not believe that was was sick the day she was suppose to be at school, this was a set up.

    1. It’s a great community, but there’s something suspicious with the parents. And possible neglect issues.

    1. To me the story doesn’t add up and even though it’s difficult to imagine, I feel the mother knows more about what happened. And I don’t think it’s to protect the father, she could be involved in the disappearance. She’s just to cool and distant. She doesn’t ask for her child’s return on the public platform, she’s just distant.
      Also she says they reported the child missing at around 10 at night. Yet the official police report says that they only reported the following day. It smells fishy to me.

    2. She might be afraid of the man there has been rumors that he used to abuse the mom.. But it’s all specalution if she doesn’t speak up herself.. This is all just very tragic and sad💔

  2. Parents after knowing children going missing often recently, be wise as to who the child’s minder is. This is devastating indeed , who is accountable? Pray for her safe return.

    1. 😭😭😭😭😢I can’t believe she isn’t on the news or even going viral on social media what is going on in this country 💔where is her story I would like to read up on it please

  3. Not again please. Lord I pray this child be returned home safe ,not harmed at all.Please we know how cruel people are but just answer this prayer and all prayers ,Amen

  4. Is there any sane woman in South Africa who can leave a child with a boyfriend?
    This mother is not angry enough ???
    Her tears are not convincing at all.

  5. How is it possible that the mother’s boyfriend does not know anything?
    The little girl was with him!
    He should be questioned intensively and grilled for answers!

  6. How come the boyfriend don’t know what happened to little Joslin when he had to take care of the little one?…The authorities will come to the bottom of this incident.😢

  7. Mothers please, never leave your little ones with boyfriends especially if he is not the father. Better get help elsewhere. Hope the little one is found safe.

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