New bill proposed in Kentucky would send ‘IAN Alert’ for missing kids with disabilities

Lawmakers in Kentucky are working to keep kids with disabilities safe:
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  1. I think this is assanine . Why? because A child is a child is a child. Bottom line is they are all CHILDREN. Which means for those of you that think that one child is better deserving than another. All children missing or equivalent in any Amber alert should be just as diligent in looking for a child. It’s factored in when issuing an actual Amber Alert. It states an emergency to find that child…it is still ridiculous that they have a silver or gold alert. If the Amber Alert is put into action it’s taken as an emergency…she didn’t give any advice that was anything new. Everyone should be diligent looking when backing your vehicle…so you need to be extra, extra, extra diligent because they are on the spectrum. When driving you must always have your head on a swivel always…

  2. Do we really need to be specific about what kind of missing child it is? A missing child is a missing child. Disabilities are getting out of hand.

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