1. I m grateful that this child wasn’t hurt but why would the parent leave the child in the car and with the keys inside the vehicle 😢

  1. dude decided to turn a carjacking into a kidnapping at a spot he frequents regularly. clown of the year award.

    1. Not to mention child endangerment he puts the kid out the car and drives off if she had to get killed kidnapped by somebody else after that raped who knows then what these people are crazy out here go get a job get your own stop being lazy and trifling and I don’t know why parents keep leaving the kids in the car with the car startedon top of it in the city of Detroit where they know this happens often

  2. They need to start holding these trifling parents accountable for leaving their children in hot cars or cars running while they go inside the gas station for a split second, because that’s what they say!

    1. I own this type of car. Turn car off=press button. Lock doors= press button Open door=touch handle
      Turn car on=press button.. Really?!?

    2. @@jenscheibner792 That was an older Chrysler 300 those didn’t have the keyless entry button on the outside door handles or push to start yet.

  3. I’m going to repeat this.
    Y’all pull up with the car running close to the door like a valet😂. That doesn’t mean Shhhh. You made it easier to steal. And then it’s Schoolcraft & Greenfield that area is known for carjacking since the late 90’s.

  4. What is these yong man thanking about they need to be some where working all they do is stay in trouble what in the world is there mom s tanking about now 🙏

  5. The grandmother is responsible and charges should be brought against her. Child protective services should check into the family

  6. Main part is that baby is safe..thank you God.. you can always get another car… please parents don’t trust the world with your child in they hands..never leave your car running or leave your child in the car..this happens..we don’t have a trustworthy city..

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