Dr. Phil Screams At Killer Dad On TV | The Disturbing Case of Dylan Redwine

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"Did you hurt him?"

February 2013: Dr Phil is sitting with one of his guests backstage, Mark Redwine, who appeared on the show with his oldest son Corey ,and ex-wife Elaine Hall, in an effort to find his the youngest boy Dylan, who has been missing for the past three months. Mark was the last person to see Dylan, and yet, on Dr Phil’s set, he has no answers to any of Elaine or Dr Phil's questions. As the show goes on, Corey and Elaine reach a grisly realization: Mark is hiding a disturbing secret, and he is not who he seems.

YT review: this is an educational documentary on the life of Dylan Redwine and his mother Elaine Hall, and brother Corey.

Directing, writing & editing by Alexandre Gendron
Research & script revision by Tanvi Rajvanshi
Produced by Alexandra Salois & Salim Sader
Voiceover by William Akana

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